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by train to and from Amsterdam/The Netherlands

An Introduction

Find out how to travel to and from Amsterdam by train. Information for using Amsterdam Centraal Station and Schiphol Airport trains.

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Why go to Amsterdam

Wikipedia guide to Amsterdam

Train departures from Amsterdam

To help plan onward travel by train from Amsterdam, therebytrain has produced a unique
Departure summary.
It lists details of the standard departure times of both direct trains and our recommended connections for travel by train on the most popular long distance rail journeys from Amsterdam including trains to Berlin, Copenhagen, Munich, Paris and Switzerland.
You'll find details of train connections from Amsterdam to London AND London to Amsterdam on the 'Eurostar connections' button to the left

Alternatively the The D-Bahn online timetable has details of All train departures from Amsterdam Centraal HERE.

Click here for the guide to using the D-Bahn timetable.

    New changes to rail/connections to/from Amsterdam

    On the new Dutch/international railway timetable that came into operation on December 9th, there were a number of major changes to train services to/from Amsterdam
    In summary, they are:

    • Direct EC trains now operate between Amsterdam (Centraal) and Osnabruck (for connection to Hamburg); Hannover and Berlin (these EC trains are often referred to as IC trains on some timetables).

    • IC trains now depart hourly from Amsterdam Central for Antwerp, Brussels Airport and the three city center stations in Brussels (Nord, Central and Midi)

    • The overnight trains from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, Prague and Warsaw have been withdrawn. The train to Prague and Warsaw now commences its journey in Oberhausen, and connections are possible by taking the ICE train that departs at 18:35.
    Exploring The Netherlands from Amsterdam by train.

    Virtually any hotel in central Amsterdam has excellent public transport links with Amsterdam Centraal station, so wherever you stay in the city you'll be in a prime position for exploring the The Netherlands from Amsterdam by train.
    The Dutch (NS) railway network lends itself to exploring - the trains operate regularly (at least hourly on all routes), there's no need to bother with reserving seats and virtually any tourist destination in The Netherlands can be accessed in under two hours from Amsterdam.

    Therefore any of these towns/cities below is a straightforward day trip if you travel by train.
    On the list below you'll see the standard minutes past the hour departure times for these trains (slower trains and more expsensive trains that take the high speed line to Rotterdam have been excluded).
    Use Amsterdam as a base for exploring other popular destinations in The Netherlands including:

    *A fantastic day trip from Amsterdam is to take a steam train between Hoorn and Medermbilk and then a ferry from Medermbilk to Enkhuizen.
    The steam train doesn't operate on Mondays between Sept 4th-30th and after Oct 28 th it only operates on Nov 3/4/10/11/17th.
    Depart from Amsterdam (Centraal) for Hoorn at 09:38.
    A special day ticket is available for €23.60 that covers the (1) train from Amsterdam to Hoorn, (2) the steam train (3) the ferry and (4) the train from Enkhuizen to Amsterdam.

    As can be seen from the list above, you can have a holiday to remember by basing yourself in Amsterdam for a week (or more) and travelling by train each day to a different memorable destination.

    It's also straightforward to make day trips from Amsterdam to destinations outside The Netherlands by train, the likes of Antwerp, Brussels/Bruxelles and Cologne/Koln can be accessed in less than three hours.

    A good value day ticket (rail pass) is available for travel solely within The Netherlands priced at €44 which allows travel on any train on a single day (except the Fyra trains on the new Hi-Speed line).
    They can be purchased online or at the station.
    You can make savings by using these tickets to visit multiple destinations in a single day.
    Straightforward itinerary options include:
    Amsterdam - Delft - The Hague - Leiden - Amsterdam
    Amsterdam - Delft - Leiden - Haarlem - Amsterdam
    Amsterdam - Gouda - The Hague - Haarlem - Amsterdam
    Amsterdam - Breda - Den Bosch - Amsterdam
    Amsterdam - Leiden - The Hague - Gouda - Amsterdam
    Amsterdam - Groningen - Amersfoort - Amsterdam
    Amsterdam - Einkhuizen - Hoorn - Alkmaar - Amsterdam

    International Train Service Summary

    Daytime Trains

    Four groups of international daytime services currently run from Centraal station, they are:
    1. Thalys high speed trains from/to Antwerp, Brussels/Bruxelles and Paris
    2. Hourly IC trains from/to Antwerp and Brussels/Bruxelles (whch now also call at Brussels Airport)
    3. ICE trains from/to Cologne/Koln in Germany, the majority of which also serve Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt (Main) with one train per day from/to Mannheim and Basel.
    4. The EC/IC trains that operate every other hour during the day to Osnabruck (change for Hamburg), Hannover and Berlin.

    Overnight Trains

    Overnight trains link Amsterdam to Basel,  Munich/Munchen, and Zurich

    The train to Prague/Praha, Warsaw/Warszawa now commences its journey in Oberhausen and good connections are available there by taking the 18:35 ICE train

    The train to Copenhagen has been withdrawn completely, but straightforward connections are possible by using daytime trains and changing at Osnabruck and Hamburg hbf.

    Using Centraal Station

    The primary rail station in Amsterdam is Centraal and it is from here that all long distance trains that serve central Amsterdam depart from.
    However, the station doesn’t quite live up to its name as it is located to the north of the city centre on the south bank of the Amstel river.

    Subways run under all the platforms at the Centraal station and connect them with the entrances/exits to the station.

    The platforms at Amsterdam Centraal are divided in halfway along their length into 'a' and 'b' sections, which in effect operate as separate platforms.
    The majority of trains will be advertised for departure from the specific 'a' or 'b' part of the platform, so it’s a good idea to double check the departure indicators on each platform, adjacent to the trains, before you board.
    Departure indicators and signage are excellent, so if you use them the chances of getting on the wrong train are fairly slight.

    First class tickets holders for the NS hi-speed trains to Rotterdam and Breda have access to a dedicated lounge, which is located on platform 2A.

    City Centre to/From Centraal Station

    Walking To The City Centre

    The heart of the city is approximately a 10-15 minute walk from the station along ‘Damark’ the primary road that leads away from the south of the station.

    Public Transport

    Click here for a public transport map of Amsterdam that features the tram routes (red), bus routes (blue), Metro (red/white stripe) and rail (black/white stripe).

    The link above also has access to the official source of public transport information for Amsterdam.

    Centraal station is served by three of the four metro lines that operate in Amsterdam – lines 51, 53 and 54.
    However, The majority of the tourist desstinations in the the city centre can be reached on the trams that leave from the south side of the station. There are detailed city centre maps which show the routes that run down each street past the city's major landmarkes avilable at the tram terminal.
    Buses to destinations in the city can also be found here.
    Tourist boats that provide tours of the city also leave from a pier that that is a short walk from the south side of the station.

    Ferries to destinations in the north of the city can be accessed from the north side of the station, which is where bus links to destinations in north Holland also depart from.