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by train to and from Amsterdam/The Netherlands

Travelling by train in The Netherlands/Hollland

An introduction to train travel in The Netherlands, Dutch trains, buying rail tickets in Holland and using rail passes in Holland including Benelux Rail Passes

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National Rail Operator

Dutch rail operator NS oversees one of the most efficient rail networks in Europe and for international travellers it’s also amongst the simplest to use.

Train Travel Words/Phrases

We admit we used Google Translate for these, if they're wrong please contact us and we'll correct them

  • Train = trein
  • Station = station
  • Track/Platform = perron
  • Ticket = treinticket
  • Single Ticket = enkele reis
  • Return Ticket = retourtje
  • 1st class = eerste klasse
  • 2nd class = tweede klasse
  • Ticket/Booking desk = kassa
  • Information Desk = informatiebalie
  • Left Luggage office = bagagedepot
  • Arrival = aankomst
  • Departure = vertrek
  • Timetable = spoorweggids
  • Reservation = reserveren
  • Destination = bestemming
  • Fridays only = vrijdag alleen
  • Saturday only = alleen op zaterdag
  • Sunday only = zondag alleen
  • Weekend only = alleen in het weekend
  • Not Saturday = niet zaterdag
  • Not Sunday = niet zondag
  • Not weekend = niet in het weekend
  • Public Holiay = feestdag

Train Travel in The Netherlands summary

The majority of trains depart to a clock face timetable of leaving stations at the same minutes past each hour during the day, on certain routes fewer trains run at weekends, but the majority of trains run at the same times every day of the week.

Trains operate at least hourly on all major routes meaning that seats are available at virtually all times. It’s therefore not possible to reserve seats on regular trains that operate solely within The Netherlands.

The only Dutch trains on which supplements are charged are the ‘Fyra’ trains that operate between Amsterdam and Rotterdam on the new high speed line, but visitors to The Netherlands who don't need to travel against the clock can avoid these trains.

Travellers should be aware that trains for different destinations are often combined for part of their journey, so take care to make sure that you’re travelling in the correct part of the train. On board indicators and signs on the side of the train will help you know that you’re sitting where you need to be.

Connections of five minutes are less are built into the rail timetable and Holland is one country where such connections can normally be guaranteed. Changing trains often involves simply crossing the platform , or waiting on the same platform for a following train.

Stations in the major cities are amongst the busiest in Europe and trains for different destinations frequently follow each other into the same platform, so be sure to check the destination indicators on the platform and trains before boarding.