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by train to and from Brussels/Belgium

Introduction to travelling by train in Belgium

An introdution to train travel in Belgium, Belgian trains, buying rail tickets in Belgium and using rail passes in Belgium.

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Belgium operates one of the most efficient rail networks in Europe and for international travellers it’s also amongst the simplest to use.
The trains may not win any style awards, but they operate at least hourly on all major routes meaning that seats are available at virtually all times.
It’s therefore NOT POSSIBLE to reserve seats on trains that operate solely within Belgium.
In addition no supplements are charged on any services operated by state operator SNCB, so it is a country where you can be spontaneous in selecting where you want to go and when.

To avoid waiting too long at stations, departure times should be checked in advance when travelling long distances and passengers should be aware that on many routes trains run at different times at weekends and generally less frequently than on Monday-Fridays.

No overnight trains now operate to/from Belgium and that’s partially because the opening of high speed lines between Belgium and France, Germany and The Netherlands mean that it’s now easier and faster to reach Belgium by daytime trains than ever before.

The high speed railway lines in Belgium are primarily used only by international trains; Eurostar to Britain, ICE trains to Germany; TGV-R trains to France And Thalys trains to Germany, Paris and The Netherlands.
The only domestic trains (operated by SNCB)that use the high speed lines are the hourly fast trains between Brussels/Bruxelles and Liege.