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How to travel by train in Denmark

An introduction to train travel in Denmark, Danish trains, buying rail tickets in Denmark and using rail passes in Denmark

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National Rail Operator

State Rail Operator = DSB

Train Travel Words/Phrases

We admit we used Google Translate for these, if they're wrong please contact us and we'll correct them

  • Train = tog
  • Station = station
  • Track/Platform = platform
  • Ticket = togbillet
  • Single Ticket = enkeltbillet
  • Return Ticket = returnere billet
  • 1st class = første klasse
  • 2nd class = anden klasse
  • Ticket/Booking desk = billetkontor
  • Information Desk = information desk
  • Left Luggage office = venstre bagage kontor
  • Arrival = ankomst
  • Departure = afgang
  • Timetable = togplan
  • Reservation = reservation
  • Destination = destination
  • Fridays only = Fredag ??kun
  • Saturday only = lørdag kun
  • Sunday only = zondag alleen
  • Weekend only = weekend kun
  • Not Saturday = ikke lørdag
  • Not Sunday = ikke søndag
  • Not weekend = ikke weeknends
  • Public Holiay = helligdag

Train Travel on Public Holidays

Public Holidays = Mar 28/29/31st
Apr 1st/26th;
May 9th/19th/20th
Dec 25th/26th.

On public holidays many train services will not operate, particularly services that usually only operate on specific days of the week such as Mon-Fri. Many routes will also operate to a Sunday timetable.
If you're planning to travel by train on a public holiday double check in advance that you're train service will be available.
When buying a ticket online for a holiday date you may be offered an alternative train service due to the special timetable .

Train Travel in Denmark summary

Danish Railways (DSB) generally operates a fixed interval timetable with trains running at the same times in every hour (or two hours) through the day and all main lines have a service running at a minimum of every two hours.

Trains that operate wholly within Denmark tend to be very punctual and connections can be relied upon.

Rail pass holders do not have to pay a supplement for travel by any train that operates wholly within Denmark.
This includes the most prestigious internal train category the ‘Lyn’ trains which operate an hourly service on the primary rail route Copenhagen-Nyborg-Frederica-Arhus.
However, at busy times reserving seats in advance on Lyn trains is highly recommended.

The opening of the Great Belt Bridge means that the train ferries, which for so long were a common feature of Danish rail travel, are no longer used on this route.

Copenhagen Airport

The majority of trains that link Copenhagen with other towns in Denmark operate to/from Copenhagen Airport at Kastrup.
Local trains run every 10 minutes and the journey to Copenhagen Central station takes just 12 minutes.