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International Trains in Europe inc Eurostar

An Introduction

An introduction to travel by international trains in Europe including the Eurostar and all cross border high speed, local and night trains.

Less than 1% of European trains cross borders between countries, so has produced a guide to international rail travel in Europe.

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The only international train to and from Great Britain is of course the Eurostar, and you'll find's uniquely in depth guide to Eurostar services from its three key cities (plus details of Eurostar connections at Amsterdam, Cologne and Lille) to the left.

ThereByTrain's unique Train To/Trains From Guides

If you’re planning a rail trip around continental Europe on a multi-country rail pass or are considering taking the train instead of a plane and need an indication of which cross-border rail options are available, our guides will hopefully prove invaluable.

We’ve produced comprehensive information for all the options for crossing borders by international DIRECT train to each of the countries in the column to the left, (we’ll be adding more countries later).
You'll find links to 'trains from' these countries on their respective 'Trains To' pages.

These international travel guides include direct trains only between countries.

They are not intended to be timetables, (you can find details of train times on the Destinations guides), but are designed to be a trip planning tool and indicate;

  • How frequently trains operate on certain routes (so you’ll have an idea of when journeys require advance planning and when you can simply arrive at a station and board the next train)
  • When overnight trains are available OR are the only option for direct travel by train between two countries.
  • How to save money by taking alternative trains to those that charge supplements/higher fares.
  • Which trains require advance reservation and payment of supplements prior to boarding
  • When recommends reserving seats when it’s not compulsory
  • Occasions when travelling the opposite direction across on a border, or on a particular route is easier.
  • Where you can travel to by direct train from each country.
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We’ve attempted to be as comprehensive as possible, the only routes that aren’t included are local journeys that are off the tourist trail.
Don’t be surprised at discovering for example, that there are only five daily long distance trains per day between France and Italy, or that there are no direct trains between Austria and Belgium, France or The Netherlands

When planning a European rail trip, many travellers are surprised at how few trains operate between countries, but don’t let this stop you.
We created to help ease the confusion of which train goes where and when.
International rail travel between many countries is faster than it’s ever been, but the key difference between now and European rail travel in the past is the rise in the number of occasions when you need to change trains to reach your final destination, but that is often so much more simpler than it seems.

Only direct trains are included on our International Journeys Guide, we wanted the options to be as clear as possible, but if for example you want to travel to a city in Italy that isn’t served by a direct international train such as Genoa or Pisa, simply go to a destination guide for a city that is served by international trains, such as Milan/Milano.
On the Milan/Milano page(s) you’ll find details of the Italian destinations that can be reached by train from Milan, including Genoa and Pisa.