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by train to and from Florence (Firenze)/Italy

An Introduction

A unique in depth, independent guide to travelling to and from Florence/Firenze by train and using the primary stations in Florence/Firenze.

Why go To Florence/Firenze

Wikipedia guide to Florence

Train Departures

For trains from Florence/Firenze to other popular tourist destinations including London, Paris, Rome and Venice take a look at our unique at a glance train departure summary

Alternatively All train departures from Florence/Firenze are available HERE on the D-Bahn timetable. (The default schedule is vaiid until December 10th 2012, or enter your travel dates/times in the field provided).
This information includes departures from S.M.N., Rifredi and Campo Di Marte stations, check departure information carefully, many trains call at more than one station.
Click here for the guide to using the D-Bahn timetable.

Trains TO Florence/Firenze

Click the cities below for summaries of trains to Florence/Firenze from these popular destinations:

We'll be adding more cities to the above list when the new pan-European railway timetables change in mid-December

Day Trips by train from Florence/Firenze.

As it's universally acknowledged to be one of the most world's most stunning cities there are multiple good reasons for having a holiday in Florence/Firenze, or for spending a couple of nights there while exploring Italy.
A less obvious reason for spending time there is that the city is also an ideal base for exploring other must see destinations in Umbria, Tuscany and central Italy by train.

The towns/cities below are all served by local or Regional (REG) trains that commence their journeys at S.M.N. station in the heart of Florence/Firenze.

These stunning destinations are all easily accessible by local/Regional trains from Florence.
Arezzo*, Assisi*, Empoli, Lucca*, Perugia*, Pisa*, Pistoia*, Orvieto* and Siena*.

* = You'll find train departure times for these destinations on our 'Trains From Florence' guide on the button to the left - there are very frequent trains between Florence/Firenze and Empoli

If you're considering travelling to Assisi, Orvieto or Perugia it's a particularly good idea to check the times of trains in advance, ideally before you head off to S.M.N. station.
The other destinations above are served by trains that depart at least hourly during the day.

It's also fairly straightforward to travel to more than one of these destinations on the one day trip.
This is because certain of these destinations share a railway route.
Simple combinations of two destinations to visit in a single day include Empoli/Pisa; Siena/Empoli; Pistoia/Lucca and more ambitious, (but possible) combinations include - Arezzo/Pergia; Arezzo/Assisi; Lucca/Pistoia and Perugia/Assisi.

You can avoid using the more expensive express trains of Italy, that have compulsory reservations etc, for these comparatively short distance journeys from Florence/Firenze.

As these local; trains start their journeys in Florence/Firenze finding seats won't be a problem if you're at S.M.N. station a minimum of 20 mins before the train departs (particularly in the summer months).

There is also no need to book online for these journeys above, any savings will be marginal in comparison to buying at the station and by purchasing at the station, you'll also have the freedom to purchase tickets on the day of travel!
Tickets can be purchased from the grey ticket machines on the station concourse at S.M.N (Santa Maria Novella station), so you can avoid the lengthy queues that build up at the ticket office.

There is also no need to purchase rail passes, even if you're planning to take multiple day trips by train from Florence/Firenze on these local/REG trains.

However, our advice is to not to use Florence as a base for exploring Italy by train at the height of the summer months because some of the local and REG trains from Florence aren't air conditioned, so journeys can be uncomfortable in hot weather.

Florence/Firenze Central Stations Summary

Florence (Firenze)is served by three primary rail stations (1)Campo Di Marte (2)Rifredi and (3)S.M.N. (Santa Maria Novella).

S.M.N. Santa Maria Novella station is the city's primary station and is closest to the city centre, however not all long distance trains to/from Florence use S.M.N.

The majority of IC trains from/to Florence only call at Rifredi station while a small number of 'Frecia' high speed trains particularly direct trains to/from Turin and Verona only call at Campo Di Marte station.

As Florence doesn’t have a metro system the most straightforward method of travelling between the three stations is to take one of the fairly frequent local trains.
However, be aware that if your rail ticket specifies a specific station in Florence, you will need to purchase separate tickets in order to travel on the local trains to another station in the city.

Don't forget to date stamp your ticket or rail pass at the station before you board the train using the yellow machines.

International Trains from Florence/Firenze

All international trains from Florence are overnight trains and they operate to:

  • Munich/Munchen - The City Night Line (CNL) train departs from S.M.N. station at 21:55, it arrives in Munich hbf at 06:30

  • Vienna/Wien - The Allegro (ALG) train to Vienna/Wien departs from S.M.N. station at 21:52. it arrives at Vienna (Meidling) at 08:34

  • The overnight Thello (TLO) train to Dijon and Paris (Gare de Lyon) departs from Campo Di Marte station (NOT the S.M.N. station) nightly at 21:34. It arrives in Dijon at 07:15 and Paris at 10:18.

It's possible to travel from Florence/Firenze by Paris during the day by train daily.
Take the 13:00 FR train from Firenze (SMN) to Milano (Centrale), that arrives in Milano at 14:40.
At Milano you need to transfer to Porta Garibaldi station on line M2 of the Milan Metr, which is an awkward connection, particularly if you have luggage, but should take no more than 10 mins.
The TGVFI train to Paris (Gare De Lyon) departs from Milano (Porta Garibaldi) at 16:10 and arrives in the French capital at 23:19

It's possible to travel by train from Florence to Munich/Munchen during the day by taking the 11:00 FR train from S.M.N. station to Bologna and connecting there for the EC train to Munich that arrives in Munich at 18:25.
Daytime connections to Vienna/Wien are possible by following this connection from Bologna to Innsbruck and connecting there for the OIC train to Vienna that departs Innsbruck at 17:07 and arrives in Vienna at 22:12

Using S.M.N.(Santa Maria Novella) station

S.M.N. station on Google Maps

Click here for Trenitalia's Santa Maria Novella (S.M.N.) station information page including details of left luggage facilities. (Have your passport with you when dropping off/collecting bags at the left luggage office).

S.M.N. station is at the heart of the city and all of Florence’s multiple city centre attractions are within 10-15mins walk of the station.
A five minute walk along Via Panzani from in front of the station takes visitors to Santa Maria de Flore cathedral, so if you’re passing through Florence it’s a good idea to stow your bags at the left luggage office in the station and head off for a couple of hours exploring.

S.M.N. station is currently served by hourly 'Freccia' trains to Milan/Milano, Venice/Venezia and Rome/Roma and even more frequent services over the new high speed line to Bologna which can now be reached in under 40 minutes.

The regular local trains to destinations including Pisa, Sienna and Assisi also operate to/from S.M.N.

It’s a terminal station on one level so changing trains is straightforward, but because it’s a terminal certain trains that pass through Florence (particularly IC trains) don’t call at S.M.Novella station.
The simplest method of reaching the other stations in Florence is to take a local train, as Florence doesn’t have a Metro and it’s narrow streets can be congested.

The station forecourt contains a bus station for easy access to areas of the city that aren’t within walking distance.

Campo Di Marte Station

Campo Di Marte station on Google Maps

Campo Di Marte station is served by the local trains that run to the south of city includes those to Assisi/Perugia and Rome, but as it’s further from the city centre passengers using these services to access the city should alight and join trains at SMN station.

The majority of 'Freccia' trains that pass through the city don’t call at Campo Di Marte, but amongst those that do are all the high speed 'Frecciagento (FA) trains to Verona.

Rifredi Station

Rifredi station is two kilometres to the north of the city centre, so in order to transfer to/from the historic heart of Florence passengers have to take a local train to/from Florence SMN station.
Generally a minimum of two local trains per hour operate between SMN and Rifredi and vice versa, but looking up connections is recommended for passengers who intend to take an IC train from Rifredi.
A general guide would be to allow at least 45 mins between arriving at SMN station to take the local train and the departure of the IC train from Rifredi, but connections are not guaranteed.

If you'll be travelling with a Eurail or InterRail pass and are considering using the IC trains to travel to/from Florence/Firenze in order to save the €10 supplement that's payable on the IC trains, consider that reserving seats on the IC trains is very highly recommended.
Our advice is to factor in the €3 reservation fee on the IC trains and consider whether a €7 saving is worth the hassle of changing trains at Rifredi station.

Journey Time Summary

Train types in brackets
Less Than One Hour:

  • Bologna(FA/FR) from S.M.N.
  • Empoli (REG/Local) from S.M.N.
  • Pisa (Centrale) (REG) from S.M.N.

One – Two Hours:

  • Assisi (IC) from S.M.N.
  • Bologna (IC) from Rifredi/S.M.N.
  • Chuisi-Chianciano-Terme (IC) from Rifredi/S.M.N.
  • Livorno (REG/local) from S.M.N.
  • Lucca (local) from S.M.N.
  • Milan/Milano (FR) from S.M.N.
  • Modena (IC) from Rifredi/(S.M.N.)
  • Padua/Padova (FA) from S.M.N
  • Parma (IC/AV) from Rifredi/(S.M.N)
  • Perugia (IC) from S.M.N
  • Pisa (Centrale) (Local) from S.M.N.
  • Pisa (Aeroporto) (REG) from S.M.N.
  • Rome/Roma (FA/FR) from S.M.N./(Campo Di Marte)
  • Sienna (Local) from S.M.N.
  • Verona (FA) from Campo Di Marte

Two – Three Hours:

  • Assisi (REG) from S.M.N.
  • Chuisi-Chianciano-Terme (REG/local) from S.M.N./Campo Di Marte
  • La Spezia (local) from S.M.N.
  • Padua/Padova (IC) from Rifredi
  • Perugia (REG) from S.M.N.
  • Turin/Torino (FR) from SM.N. OR Campo Di Marte
  • Venice/Venezia (FA) from S.M.N.

Three - Four Hours

Florence/Firenze to Rome/Roma by train

Travelling by train from Florence/Firenze to Rome/Roma can be confusing because there are four options to choose from:

  • Option 1 – the high speed ‘Freccia’ trains
    The fastest option, with the additional advantage that these high speed trains operated by Trenitalia, depart from S.M.Novella station in the heart of Florence/Firenze and arrive at Termini station in the centre of Rome/Roma.
    Both ‘Frecciarossa’ and ‘Frecciagento’ trains travel on the high speed line non-stop to Rome/Roma from Florence/Firenze and the journey time on either type of train is only 1hr 40mins.

    If you can book in advance - you can purchase tickets for up to three months ahead of your travel date, the cheapest tickets on the ‘Freccia’ trains are €19 in second/standard class – more ticket details and booking links are available on the ‘Italian Train Tickets’ link to the left.
    When searching for the cheapest tickets try to be flexible with your departure times from Florence/Firenze.

  • Option 2 – the high speed ‘Italo’ trains
    These are alternative high speed trains to the’ Freccia’ trains above and they are operated by ‘Italo’.
    More information and links to the Italo website are available on the ‘Italian Trains’ button to the left.
    Tickets for the Italo trains are frequently cheaper than for the ‘Freccia’ trains, particularly on and near to the date on which you want to travel, though Eurail and InterRail passes cannot be used on the ‘Italo’ trains.

    In common with the ‘Freccia’ trains, the ‘Italo’ trains depart from Firenze S.M.Novella station in the centre of Florence, but they don’t use the main station in Rome at Roma (Termini).
    Instead they call at Tiburtina station to the north of Rome/Roma city centre and/or Roma (Ostiense) station to the south of the city centre, though both Tiburtina and Ostiense stations are linked to the heart of the city by the Rome Metro.

  • Option 3– the IC trains
    The IC trains are much slower than the ‘Freccia’ and ‘Italo’ trains because they don’t use the high speed line between Florence/Firenze and Rome/Roma.
    The journey time by IC train between the two cities is approximately 3 hours.

    Because the IC trains are slower, they’re also cheaper than the high speed trains, ticket prices for the journey from Firenze to Roma by IC train start at only €9.
    If you can find one of these fares - and they inevitably sell out fast, (start searching three months ahead of the day on which you wish to travel), then it’s the cheapest option for travelling by train from Florence to Rome!
    More information and booking links are available on the ‘Italian Train Tickets’ button to the left.

    However, a disadvantage of taking the IC train from Florence to Rome is that they don’t depart from the S.M.Novella station in Florence/Firenze city centre.
    Instead they depart from Rifredi station, which is some distance from the city centre. The best option for accessing Rifredi station is to take a ‘local’ train from S.M.Novella station.

    The other disadvantage of the IC trains is that they will have travelled down from the north of Italy packed with other bargain-seekers.
    Finding a seat at on an IC train at Rifredi station is a big gamble, particularly in the summer months, and even if you do find a seat, you may have to give it up to someone that does have a reservation, long before you reach Rome.
    Therefore reserving a seat on an IC train from Florence to Rome is v. highly recommended!

    For Eurail and InterRail pass users, the IC trains can seem like a good alternative to paying the €10 supplements on the ‘Freccia’ trains, for the comparatively short journey to Rome.
    However, once you factor in the highly recommended reservation fee for the IC train, you’ll only be saving €7.
    You’ll also have the inconvenience of travelling out to Rifredi station, plus an additional 80 mins of travel time in comparison to taking the ‘Freccia’ train.

  • Option 4– the Regional (REG) trains
    These trains are the comparatively simple option for those want to save money when travelling from Florence/Firenze to Rome/Roma by train.

    In common with the ‘Freccia’ trains they depart from the convenient S.M.Novella station in Florence and arrive at the equally convenient Termini station in Rome.
    However, they’re slower by two hours than the high speed ‘ Freccia’ trains!

    But if you’ll be buying tickets on the day you want to travel, then the €9 ‘Super Economy’ tickets on the IC trains will have sold out long ago, so the REG trains will be your cheapest option

    They’re also an option for Eurail or InterRail pass user who want to travel direct from Firenze (S.M.N.) station to Roma (Termini) station without paying the €10 supplement on the ‘Freccia’ trains.

    Seats can’t be reserved on the REG trains and they can be crowded, particularly in the summer, so our advice is to arrive at S.M.Novella station a minimum of 30 mins before the train departs.
    You’ll have a better chance of grabbing a seat if you’re already at the station when the departure details are announced!