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by train to and from Milan (Milano)/Italy

An Introduction

The guide to travelling to and from Milan/Milano by train and using the primary stations in Milan/Milano.

Why go to Milan/Milano

The Wikipedia guide to Milan/Milano will tell you about the city's numerous attractions, but Milano is also the ideal base for exploring Northern Italy by train!

However, even if you don't plan on spending time in Milano, it's likely that you will be passing through the city if you'll be travelling to Italy by train from Switzerland, Belgium and northern France.

An introduction to trains and stations in Milan/Milano

The length of this page gives a clue to the fact that train travel to/from Milano is a tad more complex than other cities, so here's a list of things worth knowing (which hopefully won't make your head spin):

  • The central area of Milan is served by numerous stations, but the overwhelming majority of tourists will pass through one of four stations (1) Centrale (2) Porta Garibaldi, (3) Lambrate and (4) Cadorno, all of which are linked by Milan Metro line M2
  • Changing trains at Milano (Centrale) from one long distance train to another is comparatively simple, all platforms are on one level. If that will be your only experience of Milanese train travel you'll wonder what all the fuss is about.
  • The majority of Italian long distance trains to/from Milan are operated by Trenitalia, but some high speed trains are operated by ‘Italo’
  • The majority of 'local' and regional trains to/from Milan are operated by Trenord
  • Tickets are not interchangeable, Italo and Trenord tickets cannot be used on Trenitalia services and vice versa
  • 'Trenitalia' ticket machines do not sell tickets for Italo or Trenord trains
  • When travelling to destinations served by local/regional trains AND express trains, tickets purchased on the day of travel will be cheaper on the local/regional trains.
  • Not all long distance trains to/from Milan arrive at/depart from Milano (Centrale) station, some only arrive at/depart from Porta Garibaldi station
  • Long distance trains that only arrive at/depart from Porta Garibaldi station include the TGVFI trains to/from Paris and thetrains operated by Italo

The majority of the long distance express trains to/ from Milano use the magnificent Centrale station, though it doesn’t live up to its name as it some distance from the city centre..

Centrale station on Google Maps

Trains TO Milan/Milano

Click the cities below for summaries of trains to Milan/Milano from these popular destinations:


Click HERE for ThereByTrain's unique at a glance details of departures times of trains from Milan/Milano

It includes details of trains from Milano to other popular tourist destinations including: The Italian Riviera (Albenga, San Remo); The Italian Lakes (Como, Lecco, Stressa); Paris; Switzerland (Basel, Brig, Geneva, Lucerne, Lausanne, Montreux and Zurich) and other cities in Italy including - Bologna; Brescia; Florence/Firenze; Naples/Napoli; Rome/Roma; Verona and Venice/Venezia.

No need to fret about which station in Milan/Milano will be departing from, we'll tell you.

Other Train Departure from Milan/Milano (Trenitalia and international trains)

If you can't see the destination, that you want to travel to, on our departure summary, departure times for ALL Trenitalia and international express trains from Milan are available online.

Our recommended source of this information is the D-Bahn online timetable, it may be operated by German state railways, but it lists the departures from the Milan in a fairly straightforward format.
You'll find the information HERE, but it does not list Italo and Trenord departures (see below)

If you're still confused click here for the ThereByTrain's guide to using the D-Bahn timetable.

Train Departures from Milan/Milano (local and regional trains operated by Trenord)

The majority of local and regional trains within and to/from Milan/Milano are operated by TRENORD.
The website has an English language option.

Train services operated by Trenord include:

  • regional trains to Como and Chiasso from Porta Garibaldi station
  • Slower local trains to Como from Cadorno station
  • Local and regional trains to Domodossola and Stressa from both Centrale and Porta Garibaldi stations
  • The slower 'local' trains to Brescia, Desenzano and Peschiera that terminate in Verona and depart from Centrale station.
  • Trains to Lecco and Tirano from Centrale station.
  • The slowest trains to Turin/Torino that depart from Centrale station
  • All trains between Milan/Milano and Bergamo
  • Trains to/from Malpensa Airport including both the 'Airport Express' from Cadorno station and trains between Centrale station and the airport.

Trenitalia tickets cannot be used on Trenord trains, though Eurail and InterRail tickets are valid.
As a result destinations only served by Trenord trains and Trenord tickets can't be booked on the Trenitalia ticket machines.
Therefore when buying tickets on the day when travelling from Milano to destinations served by both Trenord and Trenitalia trains, including Brescia, Turin/Torino and Verona, the only way to compare all the ticket options available is at the ticket office.
If saving money is your prime criteria you can try seeking out a Trenord ticket machine, a general rule is that Trenord tickets are cheaper.

Trains operated by Trenord are not listed on D-Bahn's guides to train times and departure boards.

Day Trips by train From Milan/Milano

Having a holiday in Milan/Milano may seem an odd choice for experiencing the best of Italy.
The city has its must-see sights such as the Duomo, but it lacks the picture-postcard qualities of numerous other Italian towns and cities.
However, it is an ideal base for exploring multiple other towns and cities in northern Italy by train.

Check into a hotel in Milan for a week and you won't have to constantly re-pack as you do on a touring holiday, and you'll have access to virtually endless dining and culture experiences to while away an evening.
Ideally choose a hotel with easy access to Milan's Metro line M2 as this line has a direct link to both the Centrale and Porta Garibaldi stations.

These must see tourist destinations are all within two hours of travel from Milan/Milano on 'local' or regional (REG) trains - Bergamo ; Brescia ; Colico ; Como; Desenzano del Garda ; Parma (C); Piacenza (C): Stressa; Turin/Torino and Verona!

There is no need to purchase rail passes, even if you're planning to take multiple day trips by train from Milan/Milano to the destinations listed above.
There is also no need to book online for these journeys, any savings will be marginal in comparison to buying at the station and by purchasing at the station, you'll also have the freedom to be spontaneous on the day of travel.

Using Rail Passes to travel to/from Milan/Milano

Milan/Milano also makes a great base for exploring Italy with a Eurail or InterRail pass. Base yourself in Milano/Milano for a couple of days and make day trips to the destinations listed above or travel further to the likes of Florence/Firenze; Monterosso (for The Cinque Terre); Switzerland or Venice/Venezia!

However, our advice is to not to use Milan/Milano as a base for exploring Italy by train at the height of the summer because many of the local and REG trains from Milano aren't air conditioned, so journeys can be uncomfortable in hot weather.

Using Centrale Station and getting to the city centre

Click here for Trenitalia's Centrale station information page including details of left luggage facilities. (Have your passport with you when dropping off/collecting bags at the left luggage office).

Centrale Station in Milan, which is one of the most iconic in Europe, is the city’s primary rail terminal for long distance and international rail trains.
It is vast and on several levels with the ticket hall at a lower level to the concourse from which all mainline trains depart.
However, moving walkways and escalators link all levels of the stations, so you don’t have to carry luggage on the flights of stairs that link the departure concourse with the main entrance/exit.

As the trains all depart from one level linked by a step-free concourse, it’s comparatively easy to change trains at Centrale, passengers simply have to walk from one platform to another. Allow at least 15 mins to make connections due to the size of the station.

The train departure concourse contains numerous food and drink outlets, other shops, as well as multiple train departure indicators.

Centrale to the City Centre

Centrale is some distance from the city centre, but the must see sights of The Duomo cathedral and the Gallerie Victor Emmanuel can be accessed in 10 minutes by taking the Metro (line 3) to Duomo station in the heart of the city.
If you have an hour or more to wait between changing trains at Centrale, it’s worth making this relatively straightforward diversion.

Train service summary

The groups of trains that use Centrale are as follows:

1 – ‘Frecciarossa' trains to/from Milano Centrale operate on the recently extended high speed line to the south, so Milan now has its fastest and most frequent trains ever to Bologna, Florence/Firenze, Rome/Roma and Naples.
The high speed line between Milan and Turin is now fully open, though in addition to the FR trains from Centrale to Turin other FR trains using this line to Turin depart from/arrive at Milan Porta Garibaldi station.

2 – FB ‘Frecciabianca’ trains depart from/arrive at Milano Centrale on three routes;
(1) to Venice/Venezia via Brescia, Desenzano (Garda), Verona, Vicenza and Padua
(2) to Lecce via Rimini, Ancona, Pescara and Bari
(3) to Rome via La Spezia, Pisa, Livorno and Civitavecchia.

3 – IC trains on various routes including all the express trains to/from Milan and both the Italian Riviera and Ventimiglia on the French border and the majority of trains from Milan to Genoa, La Spezia and Pisa.
The IC trains between Milan and both Florence/Firenze and Rome/Roma have journey times that are twice as long as the FR trains, but ticket prices are approximately 40% cheaper.

4- Regional (REG) trains, that offer bargain priced fares and don’t require reservation, (not available on REG trains) operate to/from Milano Centrale and other cities in northern Italy including Bergamo, Bologna, Brescia, Desenzano, Genoa, Modena, Padua, Parma, Piacenza, Turin, Venice, Verona and Vicenza as well as the Swiss/Italian border towns of Tirano (for St Moritz) and Domodossola. other trains to Domodossola depart from Porta Garibaldi station

5 - EC* trains.The only trains direct trains between Italy and Switzerland are now the EC trains and they operate from/to Milano Centrale on four routes:
(1) to Basel via Brig/Bern (3 x trains per day)
(2) to Lucerne (1x train per day)
(3) to Montreux/Lausanne Geneva (4 x trains per day)
(4) Zurich via Lugano and Arth-Goldau (7x trains).
These services were formerly branded ‘Cisalpino’, but the tilting trains used on these EC trains are still proving to be un reliable, so three of the trains per day on the Milan –Zurich route are currently formed of conventional (slower) non-tilting trains!

6 - The TLO THELLO overnight train between Milan and Paris.
The train from Paris arrives in Milan v. early in the morning

7 – Domestic overnight trains from/to Rome, Naples, cities in southern Italy and Sicily.

8 - Trains to/from Malpensa Airport
Newly introduced direct trains operate from Milano Centrale to Malpensa Airport/Aeroporto. The trains for Malpensa depart from Milano Centrale at 05:25; 06:25; 07:25; 08:25; 09:25; 09:55*; 10:25; 10:55*; 11:25; 11:55*; 12:25; 12:55; 13:25; 13:55*; 14:25; 14:55*; 15:25; 16:25; 17;22; 18:25; 19:25*; 20:25; 21:25; 22:25; 23:25.
Trains marked* take 43 minutes while others take 52 minutes.

These airport trains are operated by Trenord and not Trenitalia and therefore do not appear on the Trenitalia website (or on the D-Bahn timetable).
It’s therefore not possible to buy tickets from any of the Trenitalia ticket machines at Milano Centrale station for theses trains. At Milano Centrale tickets for these trains have to be purchased at the ticket booking office (one level down from the train concourse.)

Trains to Malpensa Airport usually depart from platforms 1 and 2 at Centrale station and these platforms are a 3-5 minute walk from the main concourse. Factoring in the need to purchase a ticket from the ticket office (where queues can build up), allow a minimum of 30 mins from arrival at Milano Centrale to departing for Malpensa.

Buying tickets at Milano (Centrale) station

The main ticket office sell tickets for the trains operated by Trenitalia and Trenord, but it's at a lower level than the main concourse from where the trains depart and queues can be lengthy, so allow a minimum of 30mins to buy a ticket if you're connecting between trains and need a separate ticket for your onward journey.
The Trenitalia branded ticket machines on the main concourse only sell tickets for trains operated by Trenitalia.

Train Service Changes in recent years

The Artesia daytime trains between Milan and Paris have been withdrawn, however they have been replaced by TGVFI trains, but these trains depart from Porta Garibaldi station and not Centrale station.

The overnight trains from Milan to both Spain and Switzerland have been discontinued, but the CNL service that operated between Milan and Munich is now operating.

The EC trains that previously ran direct from Centrale to Nice in France now terminate at the Italian border town of Ventimiglia where connections are available to Nice, Monaco, Cannes, Antibes and Menton
The daily EC train to/from Milan to Munich via Innsbruck, which provided the only direct daytime service from the city to Austria and Germany has now been withdrawn, connections can be made at Verona (Porta Nuova).

Cadorno Station

The departure station for the Malpensa Airport Express , which is the quickest and easiest route for accessing the city’s primary airport.
The service comprises fast, modern trains that run every 30 mins throughout the day (from Cadorna station at 27 and 57 minutes past each hour and from Malpensa Airport station at 23 and 53 minutes past each hour.)

Lambrate station

The 'local' anmd regional (REG) trains that operate on the line from Milan towards Venice/Venezia (which passes through Brescia, Desenzano, Verona, Vicenza and Padua) all call at Lambrate station.

However, finding a seat on these trains when boarding at Lambrate can be something of a gamble, particularly on the REG trains that terminate at Venice/Venezia

Porta Garibaldi station

The majority of the trains from Porta Garibaldi are suburban and local trains and one route from the station (service S11) runs to the Italian/Swiss border town of Chiasso.
Passengers heading from Milan to Como and Chiasso should therefore use Porta Garibaldi station.
Travellers heading for Switzerland via the Gotthard route to Basel, Lucerne and Zurich, who wish to avoid paying the supplements charged on the EC services that depart from Centrale, can take these S11 trains to Como or Chiasso where they can change to local trains that cross the Swiss border.
These cross border local trains operate between Como and Lugano, so also provide access from Milan to two of the three Italian lakes.

Less frequent regional trains operate from Porta Garibaldi to the Swiss border town of Domodossola (other regional trains on this route depart from Centrale) which is on the Simplon Route to Basel, Bern and Geneva.
Sporadic local trains operate across the border between Domodossola and Brig.

Porta Garibaldi is also served by some of the FR trains that operate between Rome and Turin, so when taking an FR train from Milan to Turin it is a good idea to check whether the most convenient service is departing from Centrale or Porta Garibaldi.

The TGVFI trains to Paris (that have replaced the Artesia trains) depart from Porta Garibaldi station.

between March 18th and June 20th certain trains from Milano to Paris are being withdrawn due to work on the line.
Details of which trains are affected are available on the NEWS page.

Travelling to Florence/Firenze and Rome/Roma from Milan/Milano by train

There are three options for travel by train(s) from Milan/Milano to Florence/Firenze AND Rome/Roma;

1 - 'Frecciarossa' (FR) trains - The fastest trains from Milan to both Florence and Rome are also generally the most expensive option, particularly when/if the most heavily discounted advanced tickets have sold out
The quickest Frecciarossa trains from Milan to Rome are non-stop, but if you're travelling from Milan to the Italian capital by train, try to avoid the FR trains that call at Florence.

Some of Frecciarossa trains from Milan/Milano to both Firenze and Roma depart from Porta Garibaldi station and not Milano (Centrale).
However, don't fret over having to choose between these Milano stations, the Frecciarossa trains from Porta Garibaldi station tend to depart only a couple of mins after a Frecciarossa train departs from Centrale station.

When travelling from Milan/Milano to Florence/Firenze by train the big plus point of taking the 'Frercciarossa' is that they are only daytime trains from Milano (Centrale) station to the (S.M.N.)station the city centre station in Firenze
The Italo high speed trains to Florence/Firenze depart from Porta Garibaldi station in Milano and the slower, but cheaper, IC trains call at Rifredi station in Florence/Firenze, this inconveniently located station is some distance from the city centre.

2 - 'Italo' (ITL) trains - The Italo trains take the same high speed line as the FR trains, but they only depart from Milano (Porta Garibaldi) station, they don't depart from Milano (Centrale).
In Rome/Roma Italo trains arrive at Tiburtina or Ostiense stations and not Roma (Termini), however both these stations are linked to the centre of the Italian capital and to Termini station by the Rome Metro.

3 - IC trains - The IC trains are the cheapest option for travel by train from Milano to Roma, they also depart from Centrale station and conveniently arrive at the Termini station in Roma.
So they're an OK option if you want to travel from Milan/Milano to the Italian capital by direct train as cheaply as possible.
However, they're not such a good option for travelling to Florence/Firenze. As referenced above the IC trains only call at Firenze (Rifredi) station which is some distance from the city centre, you'll need to transfer to local trains from Rifredi station to reach the city centre station at Firenze (S.M.N.>
Don't be tempted to skip making the reservation on the IC train, particularly if you want to takle the IC to Rome/Roma!

Travelling to Turin/Torino from Milan/Milano by train

If you want to buy a ticket on the day of travel when travelling by train from Milan/Milano to Turin/Torino, the cheapest option is to head to Centrale station and take the Regio (REG) train.
Seats cannot be reserved on these trains, but if you arrive at Centrale station in plenty of time to buy a ticket before the departure is indicated you'll be able to grab a seat!

The 'Frecciabianca (FA) trains to Turin/Torino also depart from Milano (Centrale) station.
However, before buying a ticket for the Frecciabianca trains from Milano to Torino compare the prices with 'Frecciarossa' (FR) and Italo trains - using the Italian Rail Tickets links to the left.
The 'Frecciabianca' trains don't take the high speed line between Milano and Torino so the Frecciarossa (FR)and Italo trains are twice as fast.

All the Italo high speed trains to Turin/Torino depart from Milano (Porta Garibaldi) station, but the departure station for the 'Frecciarossa' trains is somewhat confusingly split between Porta Garibaldi station and Centrale station.

Train Journey Time Summary from Milan

Train types in brackets

Less Than One Hour:

  • Bergamo (from Centrale)
  • Brescia (FB) from Centrale
  • Chiasso (EC) from Centrale
  • Como (EC) from Centrale
  • Como (local from Porta Garibaldi
  • Piacenza (FB/IC/REG) from Centrale
  • Turin/Torino (FR and ITL) from Centrale or Porta Garibaldi

One – Two Hours:

  • Bologna (FR) from Centrale
  • Bologna (ITL) from Porta Garibaldi
  • Brescia (REG/Local) from Centrale and Lambrate
  • Brig (EC) from Centrale
  • Chiasso (local) from Porta Garibaldi
  • Chivasso (REG) from Centrale
  • Desenzano (FB/REG) from Centrale
  • Domodossola (EC) from Centrale
  • Domodossola (REG/Local) from Centrale or Porta Garibaldi
  • Florence/Firenze (ITL) from Porta Garibaldi
  • Florence/Firenze (FR) from Centrale
  • Genoa/Genova (FB/IC) from Centrale
  • Lugano (EC) from Centrale
  • Modena (FB) from Centrale
  • Parma (FB/IC/REG) from Centrale
  • Turin/Torino (FB/REG) from Centrale
  • Verona (FB/REG) from Centrale
  • Vicenza (FB) from Centrale

Two – Three Hours:

  • Bologna (FB/IC/REG) from Centrale
  • Genoa/Genova (REG) from Centrale
  • La Spezia (FB) from Centrale
  • Modena (IC/REG) from Centrale
  • Padua/Padova (FB/REG) from Centrale
  • Rome/Roma (AV - non-stop) from Centrale
  • Tirano (REG) from Centrale
    Venice/Venezia (FB) from Centrale
  • Vicenza (REG) from Centrale

Three - Four Hours

  • Albenga (IC/REG) from Centrale
  • Bern (EC) from Centrale
  • Florence/Firenze(IC) from Centrale
  • Geneva (EC) from Centrale
  • La Spezia (IC) from Centrale
  • Monterosso (IC) from Centrale
  • Lausanne (EC) from Centrale
  • Pisa (FB) from Centrale
  • Rome/Roma (FR) from Centrale
  • Rome/Roma (ITL) from Porta Garibaldi
  • Rimini (FB/IC) from Centrale
  • San Remo (IC) from Centrale
  • Venice/Venezia (REG) from Centrale and Lambrate
  • Zurich (EC) from Centrale

Four - Five Hours

  • Ancona (IC/FB) from Centrale
  • Basel (EC) from Centrale
  • Chambery (TGVFI) from Porta Garibaldi
  • Naples/Napoli (FR) from Centrale
  • Naples/Napoli (ITL) from Porta Garibaldi
  • Pisa (IC) from Centrale
  • San Remo (REG) from Centrale
  • Trieste (FB) from Centrale
  • Ventimiglia (IC) from Centrale

MILAN (MALPENSEA) - from the airport

Malpensa Airport is 45 kilometres from Milan

The station at Malpensa Airport is directly linked to the Terminal One building and the free shuttle bus from Terminal Two stops a two minute walk from the station.

Trains to the city centre are not operated by the Italian state rail operator (Trenitalia) so rail passes are not valid. They are operated by the Milanese operator Le Nord, this operator has its own ticket machines and booking office which sells tickets for travel on Le Nord trains only (for this reason these trains do not appear on the D-Bahn departures website).
All train tickets from Malpensa must be validated (date/time stamped) at the yellow ticket machines before boarding the train.

Trains to central Milan

Trains operated by Le Nord operate on two routes to the city centre:
(1) The dedicated ‘Malpensa Express’ which operates from the airport to the city centre station of Milano (Cadorna) The most convenient and fastest service for those heading to the city centre of Milan from Malpensa Airport.
(2) A new rail service has now been introduced between Malpensa Airport and Milano (Centrale) station (not in the city centre). Passengers heading for destinations throughout Italy from Malpensa Airport by train can now make straightforward connections at Milano Centrale.

The trains from Malpensa to Centrale also stop at Milano (Porta Garibaldi) station from where connections are available to other towns in northern Italy including Como, Monza, Chiasso, Lecco and Novara.

Malpensa Express trains to Milan (Cadorno) depart at 05:26; 05:56; 06:26; 06:56; 07:26; 07:56; 08:26; 09:03; 09:33 10:03; 10:33; 11:03; 11:33; 12:03; 12:33; 13:03; 13:26; 14:03; 14:26; 15:03; 15:33; 16:03; 16:33; 17:03; 17:26; 18:03; 19:03; 20:03; 20:33; 21:03; 21:33; 22:03; 22:33; 23:03 and 23:03.
Trains that depart at 03 and 33 minutes past the hour take 29 minutes, those that depart at 26 and 56 min past the hour take 36 minutes.

Trains to Milano (Centrale) depart from Malpensa Aeroporto at 05:46; 06:43; 07:43; 08:47; 09:22*; 09:43; 10:22*; 10:43; 11:22*; 11:43; 12:43; 13:17; 13:43; 14:22*; 14:43; 15:22*; 15:43; 16:22*; 16:43; 17:47; 18:47; 19:47; 20:47; 21:47 and 22:47.
Trains marked* take 43 minutes, other trains take 52 minutes.

Connecting for destinations beyond Milan at Milano (Centrale) station

Tickets for onward travel by train from Milan (Centrale) have to be purchased on arrival at Milano (Centrale) – they cannot be purchased at the airport, but ticket machines are available on the central concourse at Milano Centrale, which is a level walk from the platforms that the trains from the airport arrive at.
If you use these ticket machines on the central concourse you have a step-free change of train at Milano Centrale. If you don’t want to use the ticket machines you have to descend one level using the travelators to the ticket office.

Milano Centrale is one of the largest stations in Europe and the platforms used by the trains from the airport are a 3-5 minute walk from the central concourse, so allow a minimum of 15 minutes between arriving from the airport and taking an onward train if you use the ticket machine and a minimum of 30 minutes if you want to use the ticket booking office.

Both Cadorna and Centrale stations are on Milan Metro Line 2 while the absolute city centre station of Duomo is one stop from Cadorna on Metro Line 1 and one stop from Centrale on Metro Line 3.
Therefore if your final destination is on Metro Line 1 take the Malpensa Express to Cadorna, but if you’re final destination is on Metro Line 3 take the train to Centrale.
However, the metro platforms are closer to the arrival of the trains from the airport at Cadorna, in comparison to the interchange at Centrale.

MILAN MALPENSA - trains to the airport

The dedicated ‘Malpensa Express’ rail service departs from Milano (Cadorno) station, which is a 10 minute walk from the absolute city centre (the Duomo). Cardono station is on Metro Lines 1 and 2 (‘Duomo’ station is one stop from Cadorno on Metro Line 1).

The Malpensa Express is operated by rail company, ‘Le Nord’ and therefore does not appear on the Trenitalia website or on the D-Bahn timetable. There are ticket machines and a booking office at Cadorno station from where tickets can be obtained for the airport express (tickets cost approx. 7 Euro).
All train tickets to Malpensa must be validated (date/time stamped) at the yellow ticket machines before boarding the train.

Trains depart from Milano (Cadorno) for Malpensa Aeroporto/Airport at 04:28; 04:58; then at 28 and 58 mins past every hour to 00:28. The majority of trains take just 29 minutes while others take 36 minutes.

From Milano (Centrale) station to Milano Malpensa Aeroporto/Airport

Milan’s primary station for long distance rail travel, Milano Centrale now has direct trains to Milan Malpensa Airport/Aeroporto.
The trains for Malpensa depart from Milano Centrale at 05:25; 06:25; 07:25; 08:25; 09:25; 09:55*; 10:25; 10:55*; 11:25; 11:55*; 12:25; 12:55; 13:25; 13:55*; 14:25; 14:55*; 15:25; 16:25; 17;22; 18:25; 19:25*; 20:25; 21:25; 22:25; 23:25.
Trains marked* take 43 minutes while others take 52 minutes.

These trains are operated by Le Nord and not Trenitalia and therefore do not appear on the Trenitalia website or on the D-Bahn timetable. It’s therefore not possible to buy tickets for these trains at Trenitalia stations (where you may have started your journey) or from any of the Trenitalia ticket machines at Milano Centrale station.
At Milano Centrale tickets have to be purchased at the ticket booking office (one level down from the train concourse.)

To Malpensa from Milan (Centrale)

If you need to change train at Centrale into the trains to the airport operated by Le Nord you have to purchase a separate ticket for the trains to Malpensa from the ticket booking office at Milano Centrale – all of the ticket machines at Central station are for Trenitalia services only and therefore don’t sell tickets for the trains from Centrale to Malpensa.

Trains to Malpensa Airport usually depart from platforms 1 and 2 at Centrale station and these platforms are a 3-5 minute walk from the main concourse.
Factoring in the need to purchase a ticket from the ticket office (where queues can build up), allow a minimum of 30 mins from arrival at Milano Centrale by train and departing for Malpensa.

Unlike Milano Cadorno station (from where the Malpensa Express departs) Milano Centrale is served by metro line 3, so if you’re using this line it’s easier to use Centrale rather than Cadorno to reach Malpensa by train (despite the comparatively long walk from the Metro station to the platforms from where the trains to Malpensa usually depart from).
If you’re using the Metro to reach Centrale, don’t forget to purchase your ticket for the Malpensa Airport train (from the booking office), before you ascend to the level from which the Airport trains depart.

All train tickets to Malpensa must be validated (date/time stamped) at the yellow ticket machines before boarding the train.