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by train to and from Prague (Praha)/Czech Republic

An Introduction

A unique in depth, independent guide to travelling to and from Prague/Praha by train and using the primary stations in Prague/Praha.

Why go to Prague/Praha

Wikipedia's guide to Prague

h.l.n. station

The primary station in Prague is ‘Hlavni nadrazi’ which is usually referred to on timetables as Prague h.l.n.

H.l.n. station (the primary station in Prague) on Google Maps

Departure Times

All train departures from Prague are available HERE on the D-Bahn timetable.
This information includes departures from both h.l.n. station and Hoselvice station, so take care to confirm times.
Click here for the guide to using the D-Bahn timetable.

International Trains TO Prague/Praha

Click the cities below for summaries of trains to Prague/Praha from these popular destinations:

We'll be adding more cities to the above list when the new pan-European railway timetables change in mid-December

Using Prague/Praha h.l.n. station

Prague h.l.n. station is located to the east of the old town in the city centre.
The Old Town Square at the heart of historic Prague can be reached on foot in 15 - 20 minutes.
To reach it walk under the ugly elevated roadway in front of the station which doesn’t give the best first impression of the city and walk into the small park. From the far left of the park turn right on the street named Politikych vesnu and keep walking in the same direction until you reach the heart of the old town.

Prague’s h.l.n. station and the park outside can be targeted by beggars and down and outs, so while not being a dangerous area it pays to be vigilant.
If you have to wait for a connecting train the best place to spend time is in the stunning setting of the art nouveau café in the former booking hall. Much of the station’s previously seedy character has been removed by recently completed architectural renovations.

Public Transport from h.l.n. station

Click here for a tram/public transport map of Prague.

Hlavni nadrazi (h.l.n.) is linked to the Metro station of the same name which is on Metro line A , but this line does not run to the tourist heart of the city.
To reach the nearest Metro stations to the Old Town, namely Mustek and Staromestka, you have to change Metro lines at Muzeum station.
Tram line 9 runs from the hlvani nadrazi tram stop (which is to the right of the station on the street named Hybermska) towards the city centre with ‘Nadodni divadlo' being the nearest stop to the King Charles Bridge.

Prague Ruzyne International Airport has no rail link, Airport Express buses on route AE shuttle between the airport and h.l.n. station every 30 mins during the day and the journey time is approximately 50mins.

DAY train journey Time Summary From Prague h.l.n. Station

Train types in brackets

  • Less Than One Hour: - Karlsteijn
  • One – Two Hours: - Decin (EC/Local); Bad Schandau (EC); Kutna Hora; Tabor
  • Two – Three Hours: - Brno (EC/IC/SC); Ceske Budejovice; Dresden (EC); Olomouc (SC/IC/EC)
  • Three - Four Hours - Karlovy Vary; Marianske Lazne; Nuremberg (D-bahn bus); Plzen
  • Four-Five Hours - Berlin (EC); Bratislava (EC); Linz; Nuremberg (train); Vienna/Wien (EC)
  • Six - Seven Hours - Budapest (EC)
  • Seven - Eight Hours - Hamburg (EC)
  • Eight - Nine Hours - Warsaw/Warszawa (EC)
  • Fourteen - Fifteen Hours - Belgrade/Beograd (EC)

International DAY Trains from Prague - UPDATED

The following international DAY trains depart DAILY from Prague/Praha, departure times are from h.l.n. station, *= also departs from Hoselvice station 10-11 mins after departure from h.l.n. staion:

  • Berlin* - EC trains at 06:29; 08:29; 10:29; 12:29; 14:29 and 16:29 (there is also a train at 18:29, but this is an overnight train to destinations beyond Berlin that does NOT convey daytime seats)
  • Belgrade/Beograd - EC train at 05:42
  • Bratislava - EC trains at 05:42; 07:42; 09:42; 11:42; 15:42 and 17:42
  • Budapest - EC trains 05:42; 07:42; 09:42; 11:42 and 15:42
  • Hamburg* - EC trains at 08:29; 12:29 and 14:29
  • Kosice - express train at 09:17
  • Munich/Munchen ALX trains at 09:07 and 13:07
  • Nuremberg - ALX trains at 05:07 and 13:07 (these trains are being withdrawn in December 2012)
  • Vienna/Wien - EC trains at (04:42 Mon-Sat); 06:42; 08:42; 10:42; 13:42 and 17:42
  • Warsaw/Warszawa - EC train at 10:17 (connection at Katowice for Krakow)

International Night Trains from Prague - UPDATED

Every evening a City Night Line CNL train departs from h.l.n. station at 18:29 and Hoselvice station at 18:38
It conveys 1st/2nd class (Deluxe/Economy) class sleeping cabins , couchettes and (reclining seats - NOT on routes marked*) to the destinatons listed below (the train does not pass through all of these cities, it divides on its journey to serve the various destinations)

A nightly Euronight EN train to Budapest (Keleti) station departs from h.l.n. station in Prague at 00.05, it arrives in Budapest (Keleti) at 08:35 and Vienna/Wien (Meidling station at 06:07 and Westbahnhof at 06:30).

There are 'other' overnight trains from Prague to Poland that have recently been upgraded to 'hotel' standard.
The 20:17 train from Prague/Praha h.l.n arrives in Krakow (Glowny) at 07:14.
The 22:13 train from Prague/Praha h.l.n. arrives in Warsaw/Warszawa (Centralna) at 07:10.

A nightly train to Kosice departs from Prague/Praha (h.l.n.) at 00:12, it arrives in Kosice at 09:53 and conveys 1st/2nd class sleeping cabins, couchettes and ordinary 1st/2nd class seats.

A nightly train to Moscow/Moskva departs from Prague/Praha (h.l.n) at 21:54, it conveys 1st/2nd class sleeping cabins only for the journey to Brest (17:41); Minsk (23:12) and Moskva (Belorusskaya) at 09:37 on day two.

Hoselvice station

Hoselvice station on Google Maps

Metro Line A runs from Hlvani nadrazi to Prague’s second primary station Hoselvice which is to the north of the city centre.

Hoselvice is on the international route from Vienna/Budapest to Dresden, Berlin and Hamburg that passes through Prague. Until recently Hoselvice was the only station in Prague served by the regular (every two hours) trains on the route to Dresden and Berlin, but these trains now also call at Prague h.l.n.
If you’re arriving in Prague on the EC trains from Hamburg/Berlin via Dresden and heading for Prague city centre it can make sense to get off at Hoselvice and transfer to Metro line A. It’s a less crowded and easier transfer than changing trains at h.l.n.

If you want to head to Berlin, Dresden or Hamburg on the EC trains from Hoselvice station, you should make sure to reserve seats in advance. The trains will previously have departed from h.l.n. station, so any unreserved 2nd class seats are likely to be occupied before the train arrives to pick up passengers at Hoselvice station.

The majority of the EC trains from Prague TO Vienna and Budapest call first at Hoselvice before h.l.n., so those who don’t want to make reservations have a greater chance of obtaining seats if they board at Hoselvice and then find seats once the majority of passengers have left the train on arrival at h.l.n. station.

The domestic inter city services that used Hoselvice while work was being carried out on the lines at h.l.n, once again now depart from h.l.n. station, which is now served by all long distance trains from the city. As a result all train departure details for Prague on are from h.l.n station.