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by train to and from Stockholm and Sweden

An Introduction

A unique in depth, independent guide to travelling to and from Stockholm by train and using Stockholm Central Station.

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Wikipedia's guide to Stockholm

All train departures from Stockholm Central can be foundHERE on the D-Bahn timetable.

Click here for the guide to using the D-Bahn timetable.

Stockholm Central station lives up to its name with a location at the heart of the city.

The primary tourist destination of Gamla Stan is within a five minute walk. Turn right as you exit the station and walk along Vasgatan under the road bridge. Ahead of you will be Vasabron, which is the bridge that links the city’s commercial district with Gamla Stan.

The Central Station in Stockholm has one of the most impressive departure halls in Europe, but it is also one of the largest, so it’s not a good idea to arrive for a train in a hurry.
The platforms at the station are arranged into northern and southern terminals divided by Klarabergsviadukten, the road over the station. The main entrance to the station is to the south of this high level road, so if you’re heading north on a long distance train you have to walk a comparatively long distance within the station.

Platforms (tracks) 1 to 7 are in the northern terminal with platforms 1 and 2 used by the Arlanda Express service to Stockholm’s main airport, Platform 3 is mainly used by local trains to Uppsala while platforms 4-7 are used by the long distance express trains to destinations north of Stockholm including Galve, Anger, Ostersund and Sundsvall.
The long distance trains to Copenhagen/Kobenhavn, Gothenburg, Malmo and Oslo generally depart from platforms 10 to 12 in the southern terminal.

Stockholm Central station is also the city’s major public transport interchange, it is the only station served by all three lines of the Stockholm Metro .

A new tunnel is being constructed to separate local commuter trains from other services using Stockholm Central station and as a result passengers may encounter building work at the station.