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by train to and from Stockholm and Sweden

A guide to travel by train in Sweden

An introduction to train travel in Sweden, Swedish trains, buying rail tickets in Sweden and using rail passes in Sweden inc InterRail and Eurail passes.

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The majority of train services in Sweden are currently managed by the state operator SJ

Sweden’s low population density inevitably results in long distance express not operating as frequently as in other European countries, so Sweden is a country where long distance rail travel should be planned in advance, particularly in the north.

The only express route on which a minimum of one train per hour operates is the main line between Stockholm and Gothenburg.
The other key main line in the south of the country is the route between Stockholm and Malmo via major cities of Norrkoping, Hasselhom and Lund and trains generally run every two hours on this line.

The express trains on these two routes from Stockholm, to Gothenburg and Malmo are provided by X2000 trains, which are faster than normal trains as they tilt when taking corners.
X2000 trains also provide the fastest services on other routes on which the majority of services are provided by conventional trains including Malmo-Gothenburg and Stockholm-Ostersund.

Local trains tend to run at regular intervals, particularly to/from Gothenburg Stockholm, Malmo and Uppsala.

The Arlanda Express is the dedicated rail service between Stockholm Central station and Arlanda Airport providing a train every 15 minutes throughout the day.

Public Holidays = Mar 29th/31st; Apr 1st; May 1st/9th/19th; June 6th/22nd; Nov 2nd; Dec 25th/26th

On public holidays many train services will not operate, particularly services that usually only operate on specific days of the week such as Mon-Fri
If you're planning to travel by train on a public holiday double check in advance that you're train service will be available.
When buying a ticket online for a holiday you may be offered an alternative train service due to the special timetable that may be in operation