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Thank you for visiting where you’ll discover how to plan and take journeys in Europe by train. Make the most of every journey and save time and money.

What Is Happening With ThereByTrain

The Good News:

New updates to the are on the way, now that the new system for editing the site is up and running (finally!)
Look out for new journey information for the most popular and spectacular trips in Europe, plus
Videos and 100s of images from recent train travels across Europe, are to be added

For some previews of what's to come, check out the albums that I've posted up on ThereByTrain's Facebook page.

Between now and the new version of the site being launched, don't be surprised to see some pages disappear from the, they will come back.

The Not Such Good News:

Huge apologies, but I cannot access emails that have been sent using 'contact us' and haven't been able to for some time (while the new content tool was worked on)
The email issue is still on the snag list, but I will update when it is resolved - and yes it would ideal for the time being to remove the 'contact us' functionality, but trust me that is easier said than done for the moment.

Also the new content tool has impacted on the layout of many of the pages making then harder to read, again I now have the tools available to fix this, but progress is slower than I'd like due to full time job pressures.

Major recent changes to European Train Timetables
  • Yet more major cut backs are being made to the European overnight train network. After the major Europe wide train timetable change in December there will: (1) no longer be any overnight trains from/to Copenhagen; (2) the Paris - Berlin/Hamburg/Munich train is being withdrawn (meaning that the ONLY international overnight trains from/to Paris will be the Venice and Moscow services); (3), the only overnight services still operating to/from Amsterdam will be the services to Basel/Zurich and Munich. In addition to the loss of the Amsterdam - Copenhagen service, the trains between Amsterdam and both Prague and Warsaw are being cut back so that they will operate from/to Oberhausen (where connections will need to be made with ICE trains to/from Amsterdam).

  • An international train service has been restored to Greece! The 'Hellas Express' overnight train now departs Belgrade/Beograd nightly at 18:45 and arrives in Thessaloniki (for connections to/from Athens) the next day at 11:16. In the opposite direction the train departs Thessaloniki at 15:52 and arrives in Belgrade/Beograd at 05:33.

  • The direct train service on the Munich/Munchen - Ljubljana - Zagreb in both directions has been restored, connections no longer have to be made at Villach.

  • There are now direct Thalys trains between Lille and Rotterdam - Amsterdam (However, Eurostar travellers will find it cheaper to still make connections in Brussels/Bruxelles - there is no time advantage to connecting to/from the Thalys at Lille and it is more expensive than making a connection in Brussels/Bruxelles

  • There is now a daily direct EC/IC train operating in both directions between Vienna/Wien and Venice/Venezia.

  • The overnight train between Paris and Bologna; Florence/Firenze and Rome/Roma has been discontinued.

  • Only two high speed trains per day are once again operating in both directions on the Paris - Barcelona route, the service had been increased to four trains per day, but the additional services were apparently a summer only initiative as they were discontinued on September 1st. 

  • Direct high speed trains are also  now operating between Barcelona and Lyon, Marseilles and Toulouse and there is also a direct train between Madrid and Marseilles.

  • But as a consequence the overnight Paris - Barcelona and Paris -Madrid trains have been withdrawn in both directions as has the TALGO train between Alicante - Barcelona and Montpellier.

  • The train service to Pisa Airport has been discontinued and replaced by a service while the line is converted to a metro route which is due to open in December 2015.

Click HERE for a summary of all major changes to international train services across Europe at the last major timetable change in 2014's Swiss Pass Holiday

Spent six fanastic days based in Basel to see the best of Switzerland by train with a Swiss Pass and with side trips to Strasbourg and Freiburg.

We took amongst others:

  • The Rhb train through the Albula Pass
  • The RB train to the summit of Mt Rigi
  • The MGB train through the Furka Pass
  • The 'Lotschberger' from Brig to Spiez
  • Three trains to travel the full length of 'The Golden Pass' route from Montreux to Luzern/Lucerne

Details of the itinerary we followed have been posted on the ThereByTran BLOG

NEW on

The following have recently been added or updated on ThereByTrain;

  • The high speed line between Berin and Hannover has now been re-opened, a full service of ICE trains is now operating between Berlin and Cologne/Koln and between Berlin and Frankfurt (Main) and to destinations beyond Frankfurt.
  • The 'guide to buying Spanish Rail Tickets' has been updated, take a look HERE

  • A day job colleague is planning a London to Bordeaux trip by train.
    While helping them out I realised that additional info on the 'Eurostar from London' PAGE would be useful.
    Check the 'London to beyond Paris, Brussels and Lille' header.

  • A unique guide to the high speed lines in Europe

  • ThereByTrain has published a new blog that we hope will grow into a directory of reviews, links, opinions and suggestions regarding European train travel
    Most recent posts include:
    20 Simple, but Incredible Day Trips by Train
    25 Eurail/InterRail facts, tips and myths busted
    Missed Connections - the most frustrating locations for changing trains
    Tips for making the most of scenic train journeys.

    Take a look HERE

  • If you were inspired by the BBC TV series Great Continental Railway Journeys you can follow all the journeys shown in the program on one holiday of a lifteime on our new itinerary.

  • To assist with the planning of travel by train across Europe ThereByTrain has produced unique at-a-glance guides to journey times by train and train ticket prices, plus a series of unique metro-style train route maps (these maps now need to be amended, it'smon the to do list!)

  • To help make sense of train ticket prices ThereByTrain has updated its frequently asked questions for train tickets including; 'Why can't I find the cheapest ticket price that I've seen advertised? and 'Is there some sort of 'catch' to the cheapest ticket prices?

Not actually on ThereByTrain, but I have written an article on '10 Ideal Bases for Day Trips by Train' that has been published on

Using to save time

There are two key ways in which you can save time by using;
(1) save time when planning your European train travel, particularly a multiple train journey trip using a rail pass and

(2) save time when you’re making those journeys, discover which trains and routes are fastest between two popular destinations.

Using to save money

If you’ll be travelling in Europe by train for leisure purposes we’ve assumed you’ll want to do so as cheaply as possible, even if you have a generous budget and are planning to travel 1st class.
On you’ll discover:

  • suggestions as to whether a Eurail or InterRail rail passes are likely to save you money.

  • links to multiple online booking sites on which you can look up prices for your journey - these sites have no hidden charges (at least we think so!?!) on our tickets guide

  • suggestions on the tickets guide of how to look for the cheapest fares on these websites - we don't recommend diving in to an online train booking service that you've never used before.

  • guides to how you can obtain discounted ticket prices in countries that offer cheaper fares if you book in advance. (you'll find the country links at the foot of this page)

  • we'll also show you the countries in which you don't have to fret about how much you've paid for your ticket because everybody else on the train is more than likely to have paid the same fare.

  • details of supplements that are added to the prices of certain train journeys in Europe and suggestions of how to avoid them by taking alternative trains.
  • our guide to the slightly strange world of the pricing of overnight trains
How to get the best from European train travel

Never travelled by train in a particular country in Europe, or any train on the continent before? will guide you through how to travel by train in Europe, with confidence, so you can have journeys to remember!

All the above are in our footer so they can be accessed instantly from any page on ThereByTrain.

Travelling by train in Europe can seem complicated, particularly if you happen to live elsewhere on the planet. There are multiple quirks of European travel that you may not have come across when making other travel plans and the fact that how trains are operated and tickets are priced can vary from country to country adds to the confusion.

Plan A Trip By Train

Start Your Journey - is our introduction to suggestions for how to use to plan your European train travel, whether you'll be making a single journey or are considering a multi-country trip of a lifetime.
Though there's no set way for using as its intended to be an information resource, a sort of Wikipedia of train travel, so hopefully once you've found the information that you're looking for that's relevant to your trip, you can add it to your 'favourites'


You're probably now thinking a search box would be useful and we agree, the reasons for not yet having a search box or an itinerary building tool, or our own booking pages) and all the other things on the wish list are explained on our About This Website guide.

The future of

We hope you enjoy using, but more than that we hope you have great trips getting there by train - come back and tell us about them one day! (when we've added forums, social media pages and all the other things on the 'to do' list)

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