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About is a unique, independent guide to train travel in Europe for leisure travellers, we’ll show you how to save money on tickets and on time when planning a rail journey

We wrote an introduction to, but after we launched we had to write a press release in the hope that more people will get to hear about our hard work in making this unique web site.
We then realised the press release was such a good summary of ThereByTrain (even though we do say so ourselves), it's now become the new introduction to what we do, have done and why?

Why will people find ThereByTrain useful?

More and more people are travelling through Europe by train, its comparatively guilt free with a significantly smaller carbon footprint compared to flying or driving and its usually a stress free way to travel. You sit back, enjoy the scenery, meet new people, experience different cultures first hand or spend quality time with yourself!

It’s also often the fastest way to get there and its certainly the most relaxing and now planning that journey is now much easier with is an entirely new concept in European rail travel, now for the first time ever train traveller’s can access key information in minutes whether they’re:

  • Taking a Eurail or InterRail trip of a life time through multiple countries or across the continent whether they're a student, ‘silver surfer’, or taking a family holiday.
  • Planning day trips by train in a country that they have never visited before
  • Simply want to get from an airport to their final destination by train. will save user’s time and money. Our guides to tickets and rail passes are packed with tips on how to save money whether you’re on a budget or splashing out and travelling first class.
Not only can save you time when planning a trip, you’ll also get there quicker if you use our unique guide to identify the fastest trains.

We show you WHERE to go, HOW to get there by train and WHEN the trains depart. is packed with helpful information to help make your rail trip planning easier, such as:

And that’s just the start, as we hope that in time ThereByTrain will become the ultimate social destination for European rail travel where users can swap tips and tales regarding European rail travel adventures.

We don’t intend to confine the site to continental Europe either, but that’s in the future.

For now we hope you appreciate a wholly independent guide that has taken more than two years to research and produce. We’ve spent countless days looking up the rail trips that you want to take, so now you can find out how to get there in minutes (ahem)*
*Yes some of our pages are long, but as planning a rail trip in Europe USED to more complicated than a trip to Mars, we’ve had to pack in a LOT of information! Hopefully you’ll agree it’s been worthwhile!

How can I trust

The founder of doesn't and has never worked for any European train company, or even in the travel sector. Try not to be too alarmed as this means I'm not biased and can present independent advice.

I'm a passionate advocate of European train travel who often found planning trips, a frustratingly time consuming experience.
Despite the plethora of online resources, many of them being wonders of the web including the D-Bahn online timetable and, what seemed to be needed was an information resource that answered all my questions about European train travel in the hope that they're your questions too.

It took more than two years to research the information presented on, much of it lurks in hidden corners of the web, in paper timetables, in good ol' fashioned books, and a lot it unsurprisingly isn't in English.
I've also spoken to people who have travelled recently to corners of Europe that I haven't been to by train - you know you are and one day I'll work out how to pay you back!.

I'm therefore 100% confident that 99.9% of the information on the site is correct, which may seem something of a misnomer, but I look forward to being corrected when I have mis-interpreted the info that I have gathered together - in a few instances two sources have conflicted with each other, so I've taken a hopefully best guess approach on occasion.

I've also tried to make travelling by train in Europe less complicated than it can seem, so haven't dived too deeply into every facet of European train travel to avoid confusion (though hopefully the fact there are more than 200,000 words on the website suggest that I've done more than skim the surface).
For example, I haven't gone into detail for situations in which a traveller can save €10 by booking three separate tickets and changing trains twice to make a journey, hopefully in time will have a lively discussion group in which such tips can be swapped back and forth.

I've also made multiple trips around Europe by train over the past 15 years and in time these will be written up and added to the website, for the time being I've been focusing on giving you useful information to make your journeys easier.

Where did ThereByTrain come from?

Having managed award winning websites for more than twelve years I decided to combine my digital knowledge with my passion for train travel.
On more than one occasion I'd nearly given up on making fantastic trips by train because I was spending entire weekends on Google trying to find the info I was looking for.
I'm at the stage of life when heading to the station with nothing more than a ticket and a rucksack was losing its appeal and now I need to know exactly where I'll be and when, so hotels can be booked etc.

I also nearly gave up on more than once, the depth of content that I needed to produce a useful resource in the slightly weird and often wonderful world of train travel seemed (and still does seem) endless.
Combining the weight of information that I gathered into a structure that would make sense to a family in Nebraska planning their first and only trip around Europe by train, also seemed daunting, despite the limitless supply of useful advice from my contacts and colleagues past and present in the digital industry - you know who you are and I'm forever in your debt.

My brother suggested that I hook up with a friend of his, the phenomenal Dan Norman, founder of Court Three Web/Graphic Design Consultants and he agreed to help me out on a 'let's see where this idea can take us' basis.
He has therefore fitted in around his other clients and I've worked on around my day job - the reason why we've been able to launch such an extensive site is that I've tended to have had more spare time on my hands that he's had!.

Why haven't you included some usual features of a website such as a search box?

The keyword here is compromise. Both the founder/creator of and its designer/developer are passionate advocates of pursuing excellence when creating any website.

Being perfectionists we've had our heated discussions, but with a limited budget and time pressures, is still a spare time project so lines have had to be drawn.
IF people like what's been created so far, we'll have a search box (and much else besides!) someday.

So when will you finish

The daunting answer is probably, never! There are so many destinations to be added to the site and I don't want to stop in Europe, though hopefully someday much of the content will actually come from you, the users.
There's also a seemingly never ending list of 'wouldn't it be great if...' ideas that all require budgets, so will have to remain dreams until we can sell advertising, train tickets, hotel rooms, our souls....etc, etc.