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by train to and from Venice (Venezia) and Italy

An Introduction

How to travel to and from Venice/Venezia by train, including a guide to using St Lucia station in central Venice.

Trains TO Venice/Venezia

Click the cities below for summaries of trains to Venice/Venezia from these popular destinations:

We'll be adding more cities to the above list soon

Arriving by train in historical Venice is a wonderful experience, particularly if you're sitting on the left side of the train.
Trains for St Lucia station leave the mainland and glide out across the lagoon on a low bridge which underlines the fact that you're heading to a watery wonderland.
When you exit St Lucia station, industrial Venice is hidden from view and the Grand Canal is immediately in front of you, magical!

Wikipedia guide to Venice

Stations in Venice

Venice is served by two stations:
(1) Mestre - which is on the mainland and is served by buses to/from Venice Marco Polo Airport.
Venice Mestre station on Google Maps

(2)St Lucia - which is situated in the historic heart of Venice on the Grand Canal.
Venice St Lucia station on Google Maps

All trains from St Lucia call at Mestre but a small number of long distance services by pass St Lucia and call only at Mestre. The timings on for 'Train To' and 'Trains From' are taken from St Lucia (except for trains that only call at Mestre.)
Trains generally depart from Mestre 10-12mins after they depart from St Lucia.

Passengers changing trains in Venice should do so at Mestre

Train Departures's unique TRAIN DEPARTURE TIME GUIDE for at a glance information on trains from Venice/Venezia TO other popular tourist destinations including Florence, London, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome, Verona and Vienna.

Alternatively ALL train departures from Venezia St Lucia are also listed on the online D-Bahn timetable HERE (Details on the default are valid until December 10th 2012, or you can enter your specific travel dates/times in the field provided.

Click here for the guide to using the D-Bahn timetable.

Train Service Summary

The following train services depart from/arrive at Venice St Lucia station:

  • Nightly (21:05) ALG train to/from Salzburg, Linz, Vienna/Wien
  • Nightly (19:57) TLO train to/from, Dijon and Paris
  • Hourly 'Frecciagento' trains to/from Ferrara, Bologna, Florence/Firenze and Rome/Roma
  • Nightly (22:51) CNL train to/from Munich/Munchen
  • FB trains to/from Verona, Desenzano, Brescia, Milan/Milano and Turin
  • Daily (16:20) EC* train to Brig, Montreux, Lausanne and Geneva
  • Daily EC (13:34) train to Innsbruck and Munich/Munchen
  • FB trains to/from Rimini, Ancona and Pescara, Bari, Brindisi and Lecce
  • REG trains to/from Bologna, Ferrara, Padua, Trieste, Treviso, Udine, Padua, Vicenza, Verona, Desenzano, Verona and Milan/Milano
  • Local trains to/from Padua* and Treviso

The EuroNight (EN)train to Zagreb and Budapest/Belgrade has now been withdrawn. For these destinations use the buses from Piazalle Roma (see below) to travel to Villach - check connections in advance, they're not guaranteed.

*= when travelling to Padua/Padova from Venice take the local trains, tickets are 3x cheaper than AV or FB trains and the trains are only 10-15mins slower. Local trains are the same price as REG trains, but have more seats available. However, local trains are 2nd class only and the REG trains have 1st class seats available.

The IC train to/from Venice/Venezia

The daily IC train between Venezia (St Lucia) and Bologna/Firenze and Roma has been discontinued.
The only IC train to/from Venice/Venezia departs from/arrives at Venezia (Mestre) station, on the mainland away from the tourist heart of the city.
Rail pass users who want to avoid the suppplements payable on the Frecciagento (FA) trains between Venice/Venezia and Rome/Roma, need to travel between Venezia (St Lucia) to Venezia (Mestre) by local train.
When traveling from Venice/Venezia, the local train connections are comparatively convenient on Mon-Sat.
The local train departs Venezia (St Lucia) at 08:57 (train destination is Bassano del Grappa)and arrives in Venezia (Mestre) at 09:09 The IC train departs Venezia (Mestre) at 09:20; arrives Roma (Termini) at 15:20.
On Sundays take the local train from Venezia (St Lucia) to Mestre that departs at 08:43, the destination of this train is Treviso.

Rail pass users who wish to avoid the supplement payable on the FA trains when travelling between Venice/Venezia and Bologna can use REG trains.
When travelling between Venice/Venezia and Florence/Firenze by IC train, you need to make connections in both Venice and Florence, in order to travel to the stations in the tourist heart of both cities; Venezia (St Lucia) and Firenze (S.M.N.).
Factor in this inconvenience when opting to avoid the supplement on the direct FA trains, particularly as we highly recommend reserving seats on the IC train.

Using St Lucia Station

Map/Diagram of the Station

Click here for Trenitalia's St Lucia station information page including details of left luggage facilities. (Have your passport with you when dropping off/collecting bags at the left luggage office).

As can be seen from the map St Lucia station is one of the most impressively located in Europe, if not the world. It's main entrance is on the banks of the Grand Canal.

Water Buses From St Lucia

In the historic Venetian lagoon, road transport is replaced by water buses and there is a terminal for services to destinations across historic Venice from piers outside the station.
Services heading down the Grand Canal depart from the piers to the left as you exit the station. Long queues can build up the ticket desk, but behind the ticket offices are automatic ticket machines for the water buses which are fairly easy to use.
Further info for the water buses is available here - click the 'moving in Venice' link.

General Information

The immediate area to the left of the station contains a number of pensione style hotels which offer some of the best value low cost accommodation in Venice.

Don't forget to date stamp your ticket or rail pass at the station before you board the train using the yellow machines.

Venice has recently benefited from improvements in long distance express services that run from the city to other destinations in Italy. The fastest trains between Venice and Rome/Roma now use the new high speed line between Bologna and Florence and are AV trains classified 'Frecciagento' . Journey times to Rome have been cut by around 25 mins and the frequency of trains have been improved, so that they now run hourly throughout the day.

The frequency of express services on the line to Milan/Milano via Verona has also been improved, but as this is not a high speed line (yet), on this route the fastest express trains are designated FB .
Slower, regional 'REG' trains much cheaper than the FB trains also operate on the line from Venice to Milan/Milano.
Regional trains also operate between Venice and Bologna.

Regional and local trains from Venice (St Lucia) often depart from platforms 16-23 which are outside of the main station building on the left as you look towards the platforms. They can be accessed through an archway by platform 15.

International Trains/Bus Links

Two international DAY trains now operate to/from Venice, the EC trains from/to Innsbruck and Munich/Munchen have been restored and Venice is also linked to the Swiss cities of Brig, Montreux, Lausanne and Geneva by direct EC* train (formerly branded 'Cisalpino')
The direct train to Lugano, Lucerne and Basel, now starts from Milan, best connections are possible by taking the 16:50 FB train to Milan.

To Vienna by bus and train

Travellers heading to Vienna/Wien from Venice by day now have newly re-introduced direct train connection.

In 2009 the direct DAYTIME trains between Venice/Venezia and Vienna/Wien in both directions were withdrawn (there remains a direct overnight train - see below), so bus connections were provided in order to transport travellers between Venice/Venezia and Villach in Austria, from where connections are available by train to Vienna/Wien.

The good news for travllers is that local trains now once again cross the border from Udine in Italy to Villach, from where trains to Vienna/Wien depart.
As a result it is now possible to travel from Venice/Venezia TO Vienna/Wien by train during the day on one of the most spectacular rail routes in Europe (though, as can be seen below, the most scenic parts of the route can only be appreciated at the height of summer when days are at their longest).

None of the trains on the connections below have a compulsory reservation, it's not possible to reserve seats on the new cross border trains or on the local trains between Venice/Venezia and Udine, and not necessary on the train between Villach and Vienna/Wien .
However, reservations are required on the buses that still operate from Venezia to Villach, rail pass users have to pay €3 for these reservations.
For this reason, rail pass users in particular, will find the new train connections particularly convenient.

From Venezia/Venice TO Vienna/Wien

Take the following trains:

  • Train 1 - 15:04 'local' train from Venezia (St Lucia), arrives Udine at 16:56 this train does not operate on Sundays, on Sundays depart Venezia (St Lucia) at 14:04, arrive Udine at 15:53
  • Train 2 - 17:15 local train (2nd class only) departs Udine, arrive Villach at 19:10
  • Train 3 - 19:16 'Railjet' RJ train from Villach, arrives Wien (Meidling) at 23:28

The total travel time by these train connections is 8hr 24 mins, so is slightly slower (by 16 mins), in comparison to the average travel time when using the bus connections from Venezia to Villach.
Buses to Villach still depart from the main bus station in Venice, 'Tronchetto', at these times; (the times in brackets are the arrival time in Vienna/Wien by the trains from Villach:
09:20 (17:28)
11:20 (19:28)
13:20 (21:28)
15:20 (23:28

The buses to Villach station, that connect at Villach for trains to Vienna/Wien, depart from the new bus station in Venice 'Troncheto'.

Tronchetto has replaced the old bus station at Piazalle Roma on Google Maps, but 'Tronchetto' is linked to Piazalle Roma by a new moving walkway.
Therefore to access 'Tronchetto' on foot from St Lucia station, you first need to head for Piazalle Roma, which t is is a 5 mins walk from St Lucia station.
Exit from the front of the station and turn right when you reach the bank of the canal.
Continue walking until you come to a bridge (what can be confusing is that the path goes under a building, when you look at the canal bank from the station it can look as though the path is a dead end).
The bridge is the Ponte della Constituzione and it has been rebuilt in recent years so is now step-free. Cross the bridge and the Piazalle Roma is immediately in front of you.
The moving walkway to Tronchetto will now be on the right.

If you want to head for Vienna (Troncehetto) from the historical heart of Venice, it will probably easier to take a water bus direct to the bus station, water bus routes 1, 41, and 42 all call at 'Piazalle Roma'.

To Ljubljana/Slovenia by bus and train

There are no longer any daytime rail connections between Venice and Ljubljana (or between Italy and Slovenia), for daytime travel a bus departs from the bus station in Venice at Tronchetto (see above) at 15:20 to Villach station where it connects with a train to Ljubljana that arrives at 21:15.

Overnight Trains

overnight trains operate from Venice to:

  • Belgrade/Beograd - service now withdrawn
  • Budapest - service now withdrawn (take the ALG train to Vienna and make connections there for Budapest)
  • Munich/Munchen (CNL - Pictor) departs St Lucia at 22:51
  • Dijon and Paris (TLO) departs St Lucia at 19:57
  • Sicily (via the train ferry) (ICN)
  • Vienna/Wien via Salzburg (ALG) departs St Lucia at 21:05

Train Journey Time Summary from Venice:

Train types in brackets

Less Than One Hour:

  • Padua/Padova (Local/REG)
  • Treviso (local/REG)
  • Vicenza (FB)

One – Two Hours:

  • Bologna (AV/IC)
  • BrFBia (FB)
  • Desenzano (FB)
  • Ferrara (AV/IC/REG)
  • Trieste (FB/IC) from Mestre only
  • Udine (REG)
  • Verona (FB/REG)
  • Vicenza (REG/Local)

Two – Three Hours:

  • Bologna (REG)
  • BrFBia (REG)
  • Desenzano (REG)
  • Florence/Firenze S.M.N.(AV)
  • Milan/Milano(FB)
  • Trieste (local/REG) - from St Lucia and Mestre
  • Udine (local)
  • Verona (local)

Three - Four Hours

Four - Five Hours

  • Ancona (IC)
  • Brig(EC)
  • Innsbruck (EC)
  • Villach (bus)
  • Turin/Torino (FB)