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by train to and from Vienna (Wien) and Austria

Travelling by train in Austria

An introduction to train travel in Austria, Austrian trains, buying rail tickets in Austria and using rail passes in Austria.

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Austria has opened its first higher speed rail line

Trains are now using a faster rail line that has opened between Vienna/Wien and St Polten.

As a result the schedules of express trains between Vienna/Wien and Linz have been speeded up by approximately 17 minutes.
The following groups of trains services are now operating to to a faster schedule:

  • Railjet trains between Vienna/Wien and Bregenz, Munich/Munchen, Innsbruck, Salzburg and Zurich
  • WB trains between Vienna/Wien and Salzburg
  • ICE trains between Vienna/Wien and Cologne/Koln, Frankfurt (Main), Hamburg and Nuremberg

Due to the opening of the line the arrival times in Vienna/Wien have been amended.

National Rail Operator

The national state Rail Operator in Austria is OBB

OBB operates 99% of long distance trains in Austria, but some express trains in both directions on the Vienna/Wien - Linz - Salzburg route are operated by WB Westbahn

Train travel on Public Holidays

Public Holidays =
Jan 6th
Apr 1st
May 1sth
May 9th
May 20th
May 30th
Aug 15th
October 26th
November 1st
December 8th
December 25th
December 26th.

On public holidays many train services will not operate, particularly services that usually only operate on specific days of the week such as Mon-Fri
If you're planning to travel by train on a public holiday double check in advance that you're train service will be available.
When buying a ticket online for a holiday you may be offered an alternative train service due to the special timetable that is likely to be in place.

Train Travel Words/Phrases

We admit we used Google Translate for these, if they're wrong please contact us and we'll correct them

  • Train = Zug
  • Station = Bahnhof (ordinary station); Hauptbahnhof (main station)
  • Track/Platform = Bahnsteig
  • Ticket = ticket; Karte; Fahrschein
  • Single Ticket = Einzelfahrschein
  • Return Ticket = Hin-und Rückfahrt; Rückfahrkarte Rückfahrschein
  • 1st class = 1. Klasse
  • 2nd class = zweite Klasse
  • Ticket/Booking desk = Kassenschluss
  • Information Desk = Informationsstand
  • Left Luggage office = Gepäckaufbewahrung
  • Arrival = Ankunft
  • Departure = Abfahrt
  • Timetable = Fahrplan
  • Reservation = Reservierungspflicht
  • Destination = Endziel
  • Fridays only = freitag nur
  • Saturday only = samstag nur
  • Sunday only = Sonntag nur
  • Weekend only = nur an Wochenenden
  • Not Saturday = nicht Samstag
  • Not Sunday = nicht SONNTAG
  • Not weekend = an Wochenenden und Feiertagen
  • Public Holiay = Feiertag

General Train Travel Information

More information is on the Austria Rail Tickets link to the left

Austria has one of the simplest rail systems in Europe to comprehend.
Supplements aren’t necessary for travel on any daytime train both within and to/from Austria.
However, limited numbers of discounted advance tickets for travel within Austria by long distance daytime train are usually available.
You need to book approx 2 months ahead to obtain such tickets for Railjet trains, but they're usually available nearer to the travel date on slower OIC trains.

Limited numbers of discounted tickets are often available on international trains, particularly ICE trains from/to Germany and overnight trains.

Types of Train in Austria summary

More information is on the Austrian trains link to the left

Becoming familiar with the types of train in Austria before you head to the station is useful as trains are categorised according to speed (faster trains make fewer station stops).

Multiple types of train operate on many routes including the key rail route between Vienna, Linz and Salzburg.

Reservations also aren’t compulsory on any daytime train to/from and within Austria, but are highly recommended in 2nd class on ICE, and RJ trains that operate the fastest services in Austria (particularly in the summer months and on Fridays and Sundays in winter) – another good reason for becoming familiar with the type of trains that operate in the country.