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by train to and from Warsaw (Warszawa) and Poland

An Introduction

How to travel to and from Warsaw/Warszawa by train. Information on train stations in Warsaw including Centralna & public transport to the city centre.

Welcome to the guide to travelling to and from Warsaw/Warszawa by train and using the primary stations in Warsaw/Warszawa.

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Why Go to Warsaw

Wikipedia guide to Warsaw

Train Departures

Details of All train departures from Warsaw (Centralna) are availableHERE on the D-Bahn timetable.
Click here for the guide to using the D-Bahn timetable.

Trains TO Warzaw/Warszawa

Click the cities below for summaries of trains to Warzaw/Warszawa from these popular destinations:

We'll be adding more cities to the above list when the new pan-European railway timetables change in mid-December

NEW Rail Link to/from Warsaw Airport (Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie)

On June 1st 2012 a new rail link opened between Poland's leading international airport, Warszawa Frederic Chopin and central Warsaw

Modern trains, provided by local train operator, SKW, link the airport from a new station beneath Terminal A (the main terminal) and several stations in Warsaw/Warszawa)
There are also less frequent (hourly) trains operated by KM which link the airport with both Centralna and Wschodnia stations.

From the airport

There are between three and five trains per hour from the airport to the city centre, the trains don't have a set pattern of departure times, but you shouldn't have to wait more than 20 mins for a train.
If you're heading to the city centre you need to take the train to either Scódmiescie or Centralna stations (if the next train is calling at Centralna and not Scódmiescie don't wait for the next train to Scódmiescie).
The journey time to/from central Warsaw/Warszawa is approximately 12-25 mins (see below for which trains are faster).
You can check departure times here, though you'll need to enter your travel date and the time at which you'll be at the station.

SKW trains
The trains operated by SKW cross the city centre and call at multiple stations, but as there is no set pattern of departures, so our advice is to double check which stations the trains will be calling at.
The station which is closet to the city center is Scródmiescie, it's served by multiple bus/tram routes to other parts of the city.
Scródmiescie is also adjacent to Centralna station, it is linked to it by underground passageways (certain SKW trains call at Centralna and not Scródmiescie).

However, if you're connecting to long distance trains to other cities in Poland there is no need to wait for a train to Centralna, or attempt the fairly awkward connection between the Scródmiescie and Centralna stations.
If your train from the airport is calling at Scródmiescie and Wschodnia staions (and NOT Centralna), our advice is to connect to the long distance trains at Wschodnia.
It is served by virtually all the express trains that call at Centralna and at Wschodnia, the trains from the airport share the station with the long distance trains.
Wschodnia station has also been recently modernised and as many travellers cite Centralna as being awkward to use, Wschodnia is a good alternative - it's also in the open air and not underground.

SKW trains to Scródmiescie* and Wschodnia stations depart from the Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina airport station at:
05:20**; 05:33**; 05:48
06:15**; 06:25*; 06:50
07:21; 07:48
08:06; 08:20; 08:41*; 08:48
09:07*; 09:21; 09:38; 09:55
10:13; 10:22; 10:50
11:05; 11:15; 11:50
12:09; 12:33; 12:50
13:23; 13:30*; 13:46
14:20; 14:38; 14:46
15:20; 15:38: 15:46
16:07*; 16:16; 16:25*; 16:46
17:08*; 17:2; 17:48
18:18; 18:25*; 18:50
19:08*; 19:20: 19:50
20:20; 20:30; 20:48
21:10*; 21:20; 21:50
22:03; 22:20; 20:50
23:03*; 23:20; 23:25; 23:34*; 23:50
* = these trains call at Centralna and not Scródmiescie
** = these trains take approx 12 mins to travel from the city centre, all other trains take 20-25 mins.

KM trains

Another operator, KM also also operates trains from the airport. However, it (generally) only operates one train an hour, and again departure times vary. It's train service terminates at Wschodnia station, but unlike SKW, all it's trains call at Centralna station - which is as convenient to the city centre as Scródmiescie station used by SKW trains.
If you're on a KM train, and making connections to long distance trains from Warsaw change trains at Centralna.
The KM train journey times from the airport are 22-25 mins to Centralna and 30-35 mins to Wschodnia.

KM trains to Centralna and Wschodnia stations depart from the Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina airport station at:
04:47; 06:00; 07:16; 07:43; 08:29; 08:59; 09:30; 10:43; 11:33; 12:02; 13;00; 14:00; 15:05; 16:40; 17:40; 18:44; 20:04; 20:54 and 21:45

To the airport

When travelling to Warsaw Chopin airport from central Warsaw/Warzsawa look for trains that terminate at Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina station. This station is directly linked to Terminal A airport, which handles the majority of flight departures.

The stations closest to the city center, from where trains to the airport depart, are Centralna (the main station in central Warsaw/Warszawa) and Scródmiescie PKP station (avoid Scródmiescie WKD station) .
The stations are comparatively close to each other, and are linked by underground passage ways enabling passengers arriving by train at Centralna to connect into trains departing from Scródmiescie (we've provided further advice below to help you avoid this awkward connection).
If you're heading from the city it's best to head for either the stations at Centralna or Scródmiescie station to access the trains depending from which station the next train to the airport is departing from.
Scródmiescie station has better links from Centrum Metro station than Centralna

Trains to the airport are operated by SKW and KM, but this is less important when travelling to the airport as both operator's trains terminate at Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina.
We've therefore combined the KM and SKW trains below, as what can make a difference to taking some of the stress out of the journey is knowing which station the next train to the airport is departing from (but if you want to use the Centralna station entrance allow a minimum of another 8 mins to make trains that are departing Scródmiescie - you need to allow time to navigate the frequently confusing station).
The trains operated by SKW or KM have a journey time of 20-25mins.

Here's a summary of trains to the airport from central Warsaw/Warzsawa, C = departs from Centralna and S = departs from Scródmiescie (PKP)
04:15(C); 04:35(S); 04:50(C)
05:05(S); 05:15(C); 05:35(S); 05:50(S)
06:05(S); 06:39(S); 06:42(C)
07:05(S); 07:13(C); 07:28(S); 07:35(S); 07:50(C)
08:05(S); 08:15(C); 08:25(C); 08:35(S); 08:46(S)
09:00(C); 09:05(S); 09:15(C); 09:35(S); 09:50(C)
10:05(S); 10:11(C); 10:25(C); 10:35(S); 10:45(C); 10:55(C)
11:05(S); 11:20(C); 11:35(S); 11:45(C)
12:02(S); 12:20(C); 12:35(S); 12:45(C)
13:05(S); 13:25(C); 13:35(S); 13:49(C)
14:05(S); 14:20(C); 14:35(S); 14:54(S)
15:05(S); 15:17(S); 15:35(S); 15:54(S)
16:05(S); 16:35(S); 16:50(C)
17:05(S); 17:34(C); 17:35(S)
18:05(S); 18:15(C); 18:30(S); 18:35(S)
19:05(S); 19:30(C); 19:35(S); 19:55(C)
20:05(S); 20:15(C); 20:35(S); 20:46(C)
21:05(S); 21:15(C); 21:30(C); 21:35(S)
22:05(S); 22:20(S); 22:53(S); 22:59(S)
23:05(S); 23:12(S); 23:24(S); 23:35(S)

If you're heading to the airport from the east bank of the River Visla, there's no need to head into the city center.
All the above trains also depart for Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina station from Wschodnia station, which is located on the east bank, so a minimum of 3x trains per hour depart from this station and the journey time is approximately 30-35mins.

If you're connecting to the airport from a long distance train arriving in Warsaw/Warzsawa, you can change to the airport at either Centralna or Wschnodia stations.
You'll see from above that there can be gaps of more than an hour between trains that depart from Centralna station to the airport, particularly in the afternoon and late evening.
If there's no train due to the airport within 40 mins your arrival time at Centralna, it will be easier to change trains at Wschodnia, rather than trying to negotiate the links between Centralna and Scródmiescie (PKP) stations.

Long Distance Train Service Summary from Warsaw/Warszawa

All major cities in Poland have direct trains from Warsaw and in addition the following international trains depart from the Polish capital

There is no rail link between central Warsaw and Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Using Warszawa Centralna Station

The primary station in the city, Warsaw Centralna lives up to its name with a city centre location, but it’s some distance from the main tourist destination of the ‘Old Town’ which is to the north-east of Centralna.

The platforms are below ground and are linked to the entrance by escalator, the station is in effect in a tunnel so the arrival at the station can take passengers by surprise, if your train is passing through Centralna (and the majority do) allow time to leave the train.

Centralna has been modernised in recent years, but it is something of a monument to the ‘Brutalist’ school of architecture of the communist era. It has all the facilities you would expect of a primary rail hub in Europe, but despite being comparatively compact it has a reputation for being difficult to navigate and at busy periods it can be crowded.
Usually loud speaker announcements are only made for the international rail services, information for domestic services must be taken from the departure screens on the concourse and the platform.

Sródmiescie Station

Centralna station is used only by long distance trains, local trains to other areas of the city (including some, but not all trains to Warzsawa Chopin Airport) use the adjacent Sródmiescie station, which is linked to Centralna by underground passage ways.

Virtually all of these trains call at stations near the city centre, namely Ochota, Powisle and Stadion (the latter is on the east bank of the River Visla).

Public Transport Connections

Unlike many city centre stations Centralna is not a public transport hub for the wider area.
The only metro line in Warsaw does not serve Centralna, the nearest station is Centrum which is 5-10 minute walk if you use the exit of the station on the street named Aleje Jeromozlimskie and turn left.

Multiple bus and tram routes pass the station
Click here for a bus/tram map of Warsaw.
However this area of Warsaw is on a grid system, so tram routes 7,8,9,21,22.24,25 run east and west from the station along Aleje Jeromozlimskie, while tram routes 16,17.19 and 33 run north and south from the station along the street named Aleja Jana Pawla 11.
For final destinations elsewhere in the city travellers have to change tram lines.

To reach the old town take the trams 16,17.19 and 33 north of the station three stops to ‘Kino Femina’ and change there for eastward trams 13, 23, 26 and 32 along al. Solidanosci two stops to 'Stare Miasto'.
The Old Town is a few minutes’ walk to the north of this tram stop.

For the ‘royal route take the trams east from Centralna two stops to Muzeum Nardowel which is at the intersection, or walk east for 10-15 mins along Aleje Jeromozlimskie to the junction of Nowy Swiat.

Wschdodina Station

If your final destination/hotel in Warsaw is on the eastern bank of Vistula River you can make use of Warsaw Wischodina Station.
International trains on the routes to Austria, Czech Republic and Germany pass through Centralna to start/finish their journeys at Wschodina as do Polish Inter City services to south and west Poland.
The overnight trains to Belarus, Russia and Ukraine call at Wschodina after they depart from Centralna.

Tram lines 7 and 13 serve Wischodnia and Line 13 serves the stop at 'Stare Miasto', which is nearest to the old town.
Wischodina is has recently been modernised, it was previously a particularly grim location to wait for a train..