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Train Departure Times

An Introduction

Train departure times from Amsterdam; Berlin; Brussels; Florence; Milan; Munich; Paris; Rome; Vienna; Zurich AND Eurostar

The departure times of trains from stations are obviously integral to planning a trip around Europe, or within a single country by train.
If you're planning on using a Eurail or InterRail pass, it's often not a good idea to simply turn up at a station and think 'where shall I go today?'
You can't make assumptions on how often trains between popular destinations will operate, gaps of two hours between trains are common and on international routes there is often only a handful of trains per day.
On virtually all overnight train routes in Europe there is only one nightly train.

Use where you'll be starting your journey to find the train times

Hence's unique Departure Boards, which will show you how to travel on to your next destination FROM some of the most popular cities in Europe.
When working out how to travel from A to B by train on, you can click on the names of the cities below,to see the times of the trains from where'll you'll be STARTING your journey.

And yes we know that logically you may rather click on a destination page on ThereByTrain and work out how to get there, but trust us it was easier to prepare departure boards rather than arrivals.
Having said that, each departure board took an average of three days to put together, which is why not all cities have them yet.

The Departure Boards - THE TIMES SHOWN WERE VALID UNTIL December 15th 2013

A new pan European train timetable came into effect on December 15th 2013 which will be valid until mid-December 2014

ThereByTrain compiled the departure boards by cross referencing online timetables with printed timetables, but the printed timetable will now not be published until February 2014.

Therefore until then please treat the Departure Boards as a GUIDE to frequency and journey times, 95% of the departure times will still be accurate, but please confirm before heading to the station.

In the meantime, summary of new amendments to international train services is available HERE.

Click on the name of the city or station to see not only the departure times, but also additional information that you will help you find the correct train:

* = Unsure of which station in Paris your train will be departing from? Our Paris station GUIDE will tell you

Why use the ThereByTrain Departure Boards

So why did we spend 100s of hours researching and compiling the departure boards:

  • You can now compare at a glance the journey times of the different types of trains between two destinations - see instantly how much slower the cheaper trains are!
  • You'll now know the fastest and/or easiest routes between two destinations in Europe by train, particularly on journeys that involve multiple changes of train
  • See at a glance how frequent/infrequent trains are between destinations that you're considering
  • Work out easily what are the easiest journeys by train from the destinations above and which are longer/more awkward
  • You'll know when overnight trains are the easiest/only options

ThereByTrain wanted to go the extra mile (pun intended) to produce a useful service that just can't be instantly generated by a computer program - well not on our current resources, but hey if you want to partner with us to generate this information - then we'd love to hear from you!

We've striven to make sure the information is correct, all times have been cross-referenced with at least two sources, including the invaluable Thomas Cook European Rail Timetable.
But we're human and not machines, so when you arrive at a station we always advise that you check your onward trains, our info is only a guide! (but hopefully a useful one)