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Examples of European train journey times

An Introduction

How long will the train journey take? Examples of journey times by day train in Europe between popular cities

Notes for the journey times table

Only direct trains DAY TRAINS between destinations have been included.

ThereByTrain has included the fastest average journey times between two cities.
The fastest shedules are provided by the specific types of trains included on the table.
* = slower direct journeys are possible by an alernative, (cheaper) type of train.

For the sake of simplictity, the AVERAGE journey times beteen cities have been rounded up/down by up to 5 mins.

Journey Type of train Time
Vienna - Bratislava/Bratislava - Wien Local 1hr
Venice - Verona/Verona - Venezia Frecciabianca FB* 1hr 15min
Brussels - Paris/Paris - Bruxelles Thalys (THA) 1hr 20min
London - Lille/Lille - London Eurostar (EST) 1hr 20min
Milan - Verona/Verona - Milano Frecciabianca FB* 1hr 25min
Rome - Florence/Firenze - Rome FR/FA* 1hr 35min
Berlin - Hamburg/Hamburg - Berlin ICE 1hr 55min
Cologne - Brussels/Bruxelles - Koln ICE /Thalys (THA) 1hr 55min
London - Brussels/Bruxelles - London Eurostar (EST) 2hr 5mins
Amsterdam - Brussels/Bruxelles - Amsterdam Thalys 1hr 50min
Florence - Venice/Venezia - Firenze Frecciagento FA* 2hr 5 min
Vienna - Budapest /Budapest - Wien Railjet (RJ) 2hr 20min
Paris - London/Londres - Paris Eurostar (EST) 2hr 20min
Milan - Venice/Venezia - Milano Frecciabianca FB* 2hr 35min
Amsterdam - Cologne/Koln - Amsterdam ICE 2hr 40min
Madrid - Barcelona/Barcelona - Madrid AVE 2hr 45min
Brussels - Frankfurt (Main) /Frankfurt (Main) - Bruxelles ICE 3hr
Paris - Basel /Basel - Paris Lyria (TGVL) 3hr 5min
Paris - Geneva/Geneve - Paris Lyria (TGVL) 3hr 5min
Paris - Marseilles/Marseilles - Paris TGV 3hr 10min
Paris - Amsterdam /Amsterdam - Paris Thalys (THA) 3hr 15min
Paris - Cologne/Koln - Paris Thalys (THA) 3hr 15min
Milan - Rome/Roma - Milano Frecciarossa FR* 3hr 20 min
Paris - Bordeaux/Bordeaux - Paris TGV 3hr 20 min
Zurich - Milan/Milano - Zurich Euro City(EC) 3hr 40 min
Roma - Venice/Venezia - Roma Frecciagento FA* 3hr 40 min
Amsterdam - Frankfurt (Main)/Frankfurt (Main) - Amsterdam ICE 3hr 55 min
Paris - Frankfurt (Main)/Frankfurt (Main) - Paris Alleo (AEO) 3hr 55 min
Munich - Vienna/Wien - Munchen Railjet (RJ)4hr 5 min
Paris - Zurich/Zurich - Paris Lyria (TGVL) 4hr 5 min
Munich - Zurich/ Zurich - Munchen Euro City (EC) 4hr 10 min
Milan - Basel /Basel - Milano Euro City (EC) 4hr 10 min
Vienna - Innsbruck/Innsbruck - Wien Railjet (RJ)*4hr 15 min
Vienna - Prague/Praha - Wien Euro City (EC) 4hr 45 min
Berlin - Prague/Praha - Berlin Euro City (EC) 4hr 45min
Hamburg - Copenhagen/Kobenhavn - Hamburg Euro City (EC) 4hr 50min
Brussels - Strasbourg/Strasbourg - Bruxelles Euro City (EC) 5hr 15min
Munich -Verona/Verona - Munchen Euro City (EC) 5hr 30min
Paris - Nice/Nice - Paris TGV 5hr 40min
Munich - Hamburg/Hamburg - Munchen ICE 5hr 40min
Berlin - Warsaw /Warszawa - Berlin Berlin-Warsaw Express BWE 5hr 40min
Munich - Prague/Praha - Munchen ALX 5hr 50min
Berlin - Munich/Munchen - Berlin ICE 6hr
Vienna - Ljubljana/Ljubljana - Wien Euro City (EC) 6hr 5min
Zurich - Cologne/Koln- Zurich Euro City (EC) 6hr 5min
Munich - Ljubljana/Ljubljana - Munchen Euro City (EC) 6hr 5min
Paris - Munich/Munchen - Paris Alleo (AEO) 6hr 15min
Budapest - Zagreb/Zargreb - /Budapest n/a 6hr 20min
Amsterdam - Berlin/ Berlin - Amsterdam Euro City (EC) 6hr 25min
Munich - Venice/Venezia - Munchen Euro City (EC) 6hr 40min
Vienna - Zagreb/Zagreb - Wien Euro City (EC) 6hr 5min
Amsterdam - Basel /Basel - Amsterdam ICE 6hr 45min
Brussels - Basel /Basel - Bruxelles Euro City (EC) 6hr 45min
Berlin - Copenhagen/ Kobenhavn - Berlin Euro City (EC)/ICE 6hr 45min
Vienna - Frankfurt (Main)/Frankfurt (Main) - Wien ICE 6hr 50min
Prague - Budapest /Budapest - Praha Euro City EC 6hr 55min
Paris - Milan/Milano - Paris TGV France-Italy (TGVFI) 7hr
Geneva - Venice/Venezia - Geneve Euro City EC 7hr
Berlin - Basel/Basel - Berlin ICE 7hr 15min
Brussels - Nice/Nice - Bruxelles TGVR 7hr 30min
Munich - Budapest /Budapest - Munchen Railjet (RJ) 7hr 30min
Frankfurt (Main) - Marseilles/Marseilles - Frankfurt (Main) Euro City (AEO) 7hr 45min
Vienna - Zurich/ Zurich - Wien Railjet (RJ)7hr 45min
Budapest - Belgrade/Beograd - Budapest Euro City (EC) 7hr 45min
Vienna - Warsaw /Warszawa - Wien Euro City (EC) 7hr 55min
Prague - Warsaw /Warszawa - Praha direct train withdrawn 8hr 25min
Munich - Zagreb/Zagreb - Munchen Euro City (EC) 8hr 30min
Vienna - Hamburg/Hamburg - Wien ICE 9hr
Vienna - Berlin/ Berlin - Wien Euro City (EC) 9hr 30min
Zurich - Budapest /Budapest - Zurich Railjet (RJ) 11hr 20min
Berlin - Budapest /Budapest - Berlin Euro City (EC) 11hr 50min
Rome - Palermo/Palermo - Roma IC 11hr 50min
Budapest - Bucharest/Buccuresti - /Budapest IC 13hr 5min

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